David Warren flogs me for being a simpleton

I published a post the other day on Michael Coren’s retreat from Catholic orthodoxy, which he said was instigated by the Roman Church’s attitudes towards homosexuality. I concluded that we are in the presence of a vast shift of opinion on the subject,comparable to the changes in opinion that led tot he abolition of slavery and the reduction of cruelty towards animals.

As I wandered through David Warren’s always enlightening blog, I came across this:

Perhaps the most irritating argument for “gay” is “changing public attitudes.” It is the chief argument used from liberal pulpits, in both church and media. It comes down to this: Once upon a time, people took slavery for granted, or cruelty to animals, or many other wicked things. We would justify them by the Bible, in the old days. But today we know better!

This is pure charlatanry, though to be fair, the people who make this argument sometimes believe it. And when they do, they may be extenuated insofar as they are invincibly ignorant — of history.

Opposition to, and voluntary rejection of, the ancient pagan institution of slavery, came in with Christianity itself.

To the latter I say, “Perfectly true”. The elaboration of Christian ideas has led to the abolition of slavery, the emancipation of women, the change in attitude towards cruelty to children, cruelty to animals, and, I would argue to increasing sensitivity to the infliction or occurrence of suffering everywhere.

My point is quite limited. It is my belief that the massive change in attitudes towards sexuality, hetero, homo and every point in between,is the result of increasing sensitivity to the infliction of social pain and ostracism on outliers. While the birth control pill had a dramatic and immediate effect on social mores, and should not be discounted, the change in attitude toward homosexuality is driven by some portion of Christian-influenced sentiment to realize more fully the command of universal love that Jesus taught.

David Warren may disagree,  with his usual erudition. His blog is admirable, informed, and even if wrong at some points, the man ain’t for turning. My favourite reactionary.