So long to Evan Solomon




The CBC’s most aggressive reporter was canned recently for ethical lapses. Apparently he took a cut on art sales that he brokered in the course of his reportorial duties for the CBC. The Toronto Star reported:

The Star found Solomon had been brokering the sale of paintings and masks owned by a flamboyant Toronto-area art collector to rich and famous buyers. Solomon, in at least one case, took commissions in excess of $300,000 for several pieces of art and did not disclose to the buyer that he was being paid fees for introducing buyer and seller.

Solomon always has struck me as a blowhard and quite a bit less intelligent than he evidently thought he was.  His tone of voice and aggressive questioning evoked the feeling that he thought it was a frightful revelation that the person interviewed had had breakfast that morning, and when was the person going to make amends. Not a subtle mind at all.

Guardian institutions like the CBC cannot have their reporters mixed in private commerce,and management made a good call.