Watch this

Then make up your own mind. Part stand-up comedy, part boasting talk, part policy, part stream of consciousness, part  posturing: it is tedious, it is entertaining, it is great, it is petty. It is so New York. If he could stop talking about himself for a moment, and talk about policy, he might be less tedious, for people like me,  but it is an amazing show. He reaches the point of seriousness 35 minutes into a one hour and three minutes long speech. And he takes off from there.

  • “We should be more unpredictable”.
  • “Of course I have say I’m a politician, but I’m sorta not”.
  • “Now I’m becoming mainstream – I’ve been on the top of the polls for months”.
  • “People want to see something happen“.
  • “If I win, they (the Iranians) will be back so fast to release their prisoners…because Iran knows it’s going to be a whole different ball game”.
  • “They’re smart and they’re great negotiators” [Iranians]
  • “You know Bergdahl? He’s a traitor” [the US sergeant who deserted].
  • “We have a President who doesn’t have a clue”.
  • “Walls work. Look at Israel”.
  • “We can’t take care of everybody. What do we owe? 19 trillion”
  • “I have guys lined up [US billionaires to negotiate for us]. It’s a chess game. We can play it”
  • “Why are we having gun-free zones in a military camp?”
  • “If I win you will be using “Merry Christmas” all the time”.
  • “We are going to win and we are going to do it better than ever before”.