Political trends: Obama, Trudeau, Morales….

First we had Obama, the guy with the thinnest resume. Then Trudeau Jr., a guy who never held a cabinet post or an executive position. Now meet Morales, a guy who has “never held office”. Well at least this guy will be funny.

Jimmy Morales, a former TV comedian who has never held office, swept to power in Guatemala’s presidential election on Sunday after milking public anger over a corruption scandal that deepened distrust of the country’s political establishment.

The 46-year-old Morales overwhelmingly beat center-left rival and former first lady Sandra Torres in a run-off vote despite his lack of government experience and some policy ideas that strike many as eccentric.

The headquarters of Morales’ center-right National Convergence Front (FCN) party erupted in celebration as official returns showed he had around 68 percent support in a landslide victory.