This is decadence

A New York city neighborhood undergoing gentrification is normal. But when the gentrifiers are robbed at gunpoint, they blame themselves.The thief in question stole the laptops of the writers’ group who had assembled at the cafe. The writers went on to the Internet crowd funding sites and made back the value of their laptops quickly.

In a long rumination on the incident, Babu (a writer stolen from)  writes that she and her writer friends “felt angry and violated, but not in a way that necessarily placed blame on the person who did it.”

It seems that if they blame anyone, it’s themselves — for existing and choosing to live in Ditmas Park in the first place.

In the weeks following the robbery, she and her friends worked on “finding space to take into consideration the broader social and economic circumstances surrounding the incident” and “cultivated our sense of compassion toward the robber, whom we imagined must have been acting out of dire need.”

The poverty of the liberal imagination never ceases to amaze me. No you precious twit! The robber was not in dire need. He had on $150 sneakers and a $600 pistol. His women collect welfare for him. He is a worthless piece of shit. And he could have had a job if he wanted one, but is too lazy and worthless to get one.

Stop “cultivating a sense of compassion” for the robber, or he will be back for more, maybe this time including your precious twit lives!

Newspapers run articles about the kinds of people robbed of their laptops to elicit this kind of reaction among the morally normal.

But really!….