The real cause of global warming

What starts as satire will eventually become a serious movement. Hats off to Wiley Miller, the grumpy genius who writes and draws Non Sequitur (Latin for “it does not follow”).


  • I read an article on the Internet that said that studies show the real cause of global warming
  • Man made?
  • Yeah, but not the way previously thought. Apparently it’s due to gas emissions coming from too many boys in the world.
  • Wait..what studies?
  • Didn’t say, but I guess it’s well researched.
  • oh, okay, good enough for me

Pet horse to evil little Deanna, above the sign Studies “R” us:

  • You were born for this era
  • Thanks!
  • That wasn’t a compliment

Serious proposals for exterminatory policies are only a few years away. Mark my words.