So who do you think is winning?


Above: The defence ministers of Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Germany.


Russia's Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu speaks in front of the Russian flag while attending a news conference after a meeting with his Vietnamese counterpart Phung Quang Thanh (not pictured) in Hanoi March 5, 2013. Shoigu is in Vietnam from March 4 to 5. REUTERS/Kham

The Defence Minister of Russia, Sergei Shoigu

Which countries are accomplishing their geostrategic goals more effectively these days? Germany? or Russia?

And while we are on the subject, here is something for you from the indomitable Fred Reed, called the “Petticoat Military”. You know what he is saying is true. Why is it impossible to say this publicly?


OK, to the female Rangers. I don’t remember exactly when the campaign to put women in the combat forces began, but as years went by the push grew. From the beginning, it was fraudulent. At first the services made small, whimpering noises of dissent, and ran tests. (If interested in the subject, read here.) Every experiment failed. The main problem, though not the only one, is that women are weaker, far weaker, than men. This had to be hidden, and was. Standards were lowered and lied about.

Instead of real pushups, women could keep their knees on the ground. Instead of pull-ups, they could hang from the bar with their elbows bent. My friend Kate Aspy, a Harvard grad who enlisted in the Army, called the idea a disaster after going through Army boot. The Navy found women  to be useless at damage control, and then hid the results. Military Medicine, then available only in the Pentagon’s library, noted that women had four times as many training injuries as men, usually sprains and stress fractures. They peed in their pants in jump school. Female medics couldn’t lift stretchers. The officer corps went along with this. Why? Their careers.

Things got positively silly. Female “soldiers” avoided drinking water on field exercises because they were afraid that the men would watch them peeing through TOW sights–which in fact they would have, armies not being genteel; consequently they suffered dehydration. Female helicopter mechanics couldn’t carry their tool boxes. Female troops in Afghanistan suffered skeletal damage because their joints are lightly built and they can’t handle the weight of a combat load. Always–always–when there was heavy physical work to do, the men did it and the women watched. They couldn’t lift crates of 81 mm mortar rounds, much less unload a six-by under fire. On and on and on.

The sexual problems were endless. I encountered scandal after scandal. Enlisted male instructors used their rank to take advantage of females under them, so to speak. A squad of thirteen men worked together as a team, but add a female and they all began trying to get into her pants–which women frequently used.

And so forth, ad infinitum.

When will the bullshit stop? Answer: never, not until we lose some colossal war.