Do you know how the global warming crisis will end?

When the political class comes out of its daydream to address this. Yes, I am talking about jihadist attacks in Paris, which have claimed 140 lives so far.

I do not really care about a projected rise of 1 degree or 2 degrees centigrade over the course of the next century when the prospects of western civilization are so bleak. When is the political class going to awaken and face reality?

Witnesses described unmasked men with Kalashnikov assault rifles bursting into the middle of the concert and begin spraying bullets at attendees as they reloaded three or four times.

The onslaught lasted for maybe ten minutes as people screamed and cowered on the floor, covering their heads in a vain bid to escape the bullets, a witness told the Daily Mail

”I was in the pit at the front. I heard bangs go off. I turned round and I saw a silhouette with a cap on who was heading towards the back door,’ one witness told the newspaper Liberation.

‘He shot in my direction. People started falling and throwing themselves towards the ground’.

I look forward to the Paris global warming discussions, slated to start at the end of this month. The gap between what people are worried about and the concerns of the chattering classes have seldom been so wide.

Remember: Islam is not a religion so much as a totalitarian social ideology, which just happens to mention God a lot. At this stage of its evolution – and probably forever – It is unfit for civilized company, or, if you prefer, incapable of  peaceful co-existence.