The Trudeau government has announced it is desisting from a case against the supposed right of a Muslim woman to cover her face at the citizenship ceremony, and not pursuing a case to strip the citizenship from a convicted terrorist.

The federal government is walking away from a legal battle over attempts to strip Canadian citizenship from dual-nationals convicted of terrorism offences.

Lawyers for the government recently asked the Federal Court to suspend proceedings in two cases brought by Canadians convicted of terrorism-related offences who had been told by the previous Conservative government they would lose their citizenship.

As a respondent in the cases, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship cannot abandon the litigation but, instead, asked for and was granted adjournments while it re-examines a policy that featured prominently in last month’s federal election.

We will come to regret young Mr. Trudeau. And quite soon.

The Liberals will suck up to Indian attempts to block pipelines, just as they have blocked access of Alberta oil to the BC Coast.

We elected them, and they will do as Liberals do.

And we will all be required to listen more often to John Lennon’s antinomian doctrines in his anthem to nothingness, called “Imagine”.

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

The notion that we will live in peace when we are all secular humanists living without states and without religious faith is insane. And that, folks, is pretty much where we are today.

Rest in peace western civilization. John Lennon will be played at the funeral. Oh, I forgot. Islam bans music, as well as art, literature, freedom, humour, sex and alcohol. Enjoy the cheerless future.

cross gravestone