The deadly obsession with Islamophobia

News broke on the weekend that the last Jews in Aleppo, Syria, had finally made a break for it and found haven in Israel.

Undaunted, Canada’s political and social elites – to which the nation’s media kowtow with unrivalled slavishness – continued to reassure our Muslim communities that they are loved and will be protected.

Not that empathy and compassion are to be discouraged – as Judeo/Christian virtues of course they aren’t. But the maintenance of sanity becomes increasingly challenging within a psychosphere that demands greater outrage over verbal abuse/hurt feelings than wholesale, genocidal, psychopathic slaughter.

Publicizing a handful of incidents involving unkind or insensitive words towards Muslim women and incidents of mischief does little to calm that segment of society. Sure, it inspires the United Church, various mayors, premiers etc to “reach out” and even attend mosques as did the much-adored Kathleen Wynne on the weekend. But when people of such stature in society do so, they are clearly sending a message that there must be something to fear when there is scant evidence to indicate that is the case other than that some people are fearful. The end result of this hysterical overreaction to a feared hysterical overreaction will simply be the creation of more hysteria, overreaction and isolation within Muslim communities.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, cult figure of pop culture that he has become, got nationwide coverage when he worried about what he assumed to be the two per cent of Canadians involved in this “backlash,” which according to the CBC consisted of:.

“A mosque in Calgary was broken into. Another mosque in Peterborough, Ont. was torched. A Muslim woman in Toronto was assaulted while picking up her child at school. An Ottawa immigrant was sent a note telling her to “Go back home. Canada is no place for immigrants and terrorists.”

This, then, is the list of horrors about which the nation’s leaders and media, overwrought, have conspired to end. Good for them.

And yet there is utter silence when it comes to the conclusion, through active and ongoing genocide, of 3,000 years of history in Aleppo. Nor is or was there a peep when 2,000 years of history came to an end in Mosul with the departure of the last Christians there. Examples are widespread, but the Twitter feed of Canada’s most widely published columnist is typical. When Republican candidate Jeb Bush opined that perhaps Syrian Christians, seeing as they had been specifically targeted for extermination, should go to the front of the refugee queue, Postmedia’s Michael Den Tandt tweeted sentiments to the effect of “like Christianity was never the cause of any violence.” As the last Jews from Aleppo, disguised as Muslims, ftook their terrifying ride through jihadi checkpoints, he was earnestly retweeting a Globalpost story   about how Islamophobic “crimes” – none of which, distasteful as they may be, appeared to involve violence – had tripled in Britain. He stands ever-ready, eternally on guard to denounce the harsh words of frightened, angry people. But there is no trace of alarm on behalf of those  terrified souls facing torture, death and cultural extermination. No doubt he, like so many of his fellow travellers, is willing to remain silent while thousands have their throats slit and are crucified lest he be accused of inspiring “Islamophobia” by reporting this news, the latter of which is his job.

Were the likes of these ignorant of the facts, we could perhaps dismiss them as just another manifestation of The Time Machine’s Eloi. But they are not. They know exactly what is going on and they refuse to even acknowledge it. And this makes their ideas very dangerous.

Just imagine if these people were in charge of Canada in 1939. There would have been no war declaration when German tanks rolled into Poland. Instead, there would have been concerns raised about getting to “the root causes” of this action. Perhaps apologies would have been issued for the unnecessary humiliation at Versailles. The degrading renaming of Kitchener would have been reversed. Premiers and mayors would don lederhosen in a courageous bid to minimize “backlash.” And the tanks would have rolled on.

When news of the Holocaust broke, if indeed it ever did, there would have been an outpouring – not of outrage – but of concern for the spread of Germanophobia. And the Jews would have kept on dying.