France – Just watch me

France has shown amazing fight back against the Muslim threat but then as the old Vulcan proverb stated, “only Nixon could go to China” and former PM Pierre Trudeau said in a similar context “just watch me”.

The national state of emergency declared by French President Francois Hollande within hours of the Nov. 13 bloodbath gave the security services broad powers to go after suspected extremists. Across the nation, police have been breaking down doors, interrogating residents, detaining suspects or placing them under house arrest — all without a warrant or orders from a judge….

He has also said that he wants French law to allow dual nationals, including people born in France, to be stripped of their citizenship and barred from the country if convicted of terrorism-related offenses.

One awaits the Nazi-Hollande linkages just like the ones for Bush. Some people have already noted, that if one wants to assure liberties, then it is best to elect right-wing politicians because they will be held fully accountable by the media.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. See earlier post.