Ignorant, Stupid and Insulting

The other night, enjoying drinks and some right-wing banter in a pleasant bar, the time came to point Percy at the porcelain. Whilst enjoying my relief, I was confronted by a poster, paid for by the government of Ontario it claimed, which showed a picture of a post-dinner table with a credit card machine awaiting payment and the words “I’m paying for dinner. I expect you to return the favor”, or some such. Underneath the picture were the words, “if you can’t say it, don’t do it”.

It has been some time since I have seen a piece of government propaganda quite so ignorant, stupid and insulting all at the same time. Imagine, you’re out on your third or fourth date with your new lady friend, you definitely find her attractive, fun, entertaining and obviously she thinks the same of you. So naturally, like all men since the beginning of time your thoughts turn to romantic nighttime activities. So too do her thoughts, as, I am led to believe, contrary to the ravings of feminoid transthingy whinge-bags from sociology departments, normal women actually enjoy men and sex.

But for civilized men and women a large part of the romantic relationship is the delicate dance around unspoken topics; the constant interplay of jest, laughter, drinks, and music and advances made, accepted or rebuffed by the woman. And women always make the decision as is right and proper. This, of course, has been the source of all great literature, music, and plays throughout history and across cultures.

I don’t know where the idea for such an advertisement came from, perhaps some focus group of tattooed weirdo victims, piercings all a-quiver, blue armpit hair all a-flutter; or possibly some ill-bred, room-temperature IQ Liberal Party apparatchik seeking advancement in the Anti-Sex League in the Ministry of Love. Difficult to say. The idea that a man who would behave like that would take any notice of a government advertisement is itself absurd and if the object is to tell the man to control his desires, then simply put a picture of Ms Wynne on the poster, which would be quite enough to suppress the sexual desires of any normal male.

I have not met, nor would I want to meet, such a man as would make those comments to a woman, every woman I have known would likely give such man a look that would crack a window, walk out, and never speak to him again. And rightly so.

The motivation behind this kind of advertisement shows a complete and utter ignorance of normal human relationships. It implies that a possibly romantic relationship should be overtly handled as if buying a slab of meat over a butcher’s counter. Moreover, it is basically taxpayers money being spent to insult the vast majority of normal Ontario men. No doubt there are some men who do behave like that. And some cultures around the world, where women are treated like dirt, produce many of them. We all know which cultures too.

Imagine, the balcony in moonlight, Juliet’s tresses drifting in the breeze as she pines for her loved one. “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” she sighs. “In here, honey, waiting to get into your knickers”. Would that not kill a romance stone dead right then and there? Of course it would, but “it was said”.

It seems that governments these days, particularly the progressive ones, have a fixation on remolding human relationships into something that robots, or Liberals, might enjoy, if that were possible. They certainly think they have the right to tell us how to court, woo, chase and engage with the opposite sex. They don’t and must be told so in no uncertain terms. Any such arrogant government is straying badly beyond its bounds of responsibility and must be reminded by the citizenry that they are our servants, not our masters.


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