From shameless exhaltation to the necessity of ecstasy

Dear Diary:

The I need a shower media moment of the season, all our friends agree, goes to Lisa Laflamme, anchor of CTV’s national news who, following in the footsteps of mentors such as Craig Oliver, doubles as a fulltime tub-thumper for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Laflamme, whose unrepentant partisanship had to be reigned in early in her tenure by her bosses, is currently best known as the woman who singlehandedly forced hundreds of thousands of conservatives to switch to the CBC for more balanced coverage (we are not making this up) on Oct. 19 when she pretty much lost all journalistic pretence in celebrating the ascendance of the current PM and her beloved LPC.

Last weekend, in a cloying year-end interview with the Prime Minister, Laflamme took it over the top with her grand finale puff ball question.

“On behalf of women in this country, who picked Sophie’s dress?” Laflamme asked from a metaphorically kneeling position, one she apparently believes is preferred by “women in this country.”

This, from someone described in her CTV bio as a “trailblazer” for women in broadcasting. Ye gods. Really, what more can be said? As the Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein tweeted, “cringeworthy.”

Canada’s mainstream media continues to ignore the genocide of Christians, Jews and Yazidis in the Middle East. We can only assume, Dear Diary, at this stage that the negligence is intentional and fuelled by fear of accusations of Islamophobia. There is no excuse otherwise for refusing, during the seasonal news doldrums, the message from the Archbishop of Cantebury, who referred to ISIS as “today’s (King) Herod’s.”

“”They hate difference, whether it is Muslims who think differently, Yazidis or Christians, and because of them the Christians face elimination in the very region in which Christian faith began,” the Most Reverend Justin Wellby said.

Our scan of national newspapers, postmedia, CBC and CTV showed no coverage. But why bother, Wellby is leader to a mere 85 million Anglicans and as mainstream media know, Christians are little more than a homophobic fringe group these days.

Meanwhile in Britain, the education secretary has taken the radical step of hinting that school children should be taught that they are being raised in a “Christian country.”

One can only imagine the outrage should such an event occur in Canada, where as Dalwhinnie recently noted Catholic school had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to maintain the right to teach its own faith from a perspective consistent with that faith and dodge the jackboot of the nation’s insistent and growing atheocracy.

Last week we noted how, with pride, our new federal government had told First Nation’s leaders who had refused to comply with laws insisting they be transparent with their finances to, well, not worry about it. As the PM himself has said, his government is all about transparency so it makes sense to us that the first step towards that would be to be transparent about the fact that it’s OK for people to refuse to be transparent about how the chief and council hold their annual retreat in Las Vegas or some such nonsense should they do so but of course they never would, right?
Hopefully, someone from Indigenous Affairs will contact this fellow in Alberta and tell him to stop getting so excited about transparency just because, 18 months after he lost his home in a flood, no one will tell him what happened to the flood relief money or why he’s still living in a trailer.

We’ve all heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” right?

Well, as many of us have long known, dear diary, it takes more than a bit of fruit to keep the male body healthy and British scientists have discovered that when men give the missus a nudge and say “c’mon baby I know you’re tired but I need to – it’s killing me” or words to that effect, they are not making things up.

It turns out that men who have at least 21 orgasms a month are 22 per cent less likely to develop prostate cancer and, ideally, should be ejaculating at least once a day.

The possible comments are endless but it is clear that the male body is built to perform a function and so long as that function is being performed, nature is inclined to let it continue doing so. And, oh, lest those of you without a partner panic in despair, science does indicate that a partner/plaything, while no doubt preferred, is not necessary for one to maintain one’s optimal health.

As Woody Allen said “I remember the first time I had sex. It was terrifying. It was dark. And I was all alone.”

Happy New Year, one and all. Take care of each other. Or at least take care of yourself.