Condescending to Trump will get you nowhere

I read in Andrew MacDougall’s smug and condescending treatment of Trump that he simultaneously agrees with the malaise and vexations that Americans feel about the government, the political élites, and their media abettors, while predicting that Trump will not occupy the White House. He reasons as follows:

Trump will be seen off by the very thing he doesn’t like to sweat: the details. Sure, Trump knows how to keep himself in the headlines much better than the “chumps” he’s running against. But his campaign hasn’t shown they care about organizing or turning out a vote. That’s all that will matter in the coming months.

Trump will flame out, but not before the Republican Party is further burnt by its flirtation with his brand of extremism. Out-crazying the crazies to gain the nomination, only to have to then convince moderates you’re not really crazy is an insane way for Republicans to try and win the presidency. It won’t work.

Turning the page on Trump will mean recognizing he’s the symptom of a vexing disease. Unless Americans start getting some good government during the next administration — whatever its affiliation — they’ll be tempted by the next charlatan with a bad combover.

  1. Failure to organize and turn out the vote

Trump held a rally in the solidly Democratic Burlington, Vermont the other day that turned away thousands.(You should read the Steyn article on the performance.) I also read that many Democrats are ready to jump ship to a Trump candidacy. While I do not pretend to the knowledge of the state of Republican election management, I do know a tsunami when I see one. No amount of organization and money will get a turkey elected, as Romney proved, and Trump is not a turkey, Hillary Clinton is.

2. Out-crazying the crazies and then going moderate is impossible.

What, pray tell, is “moderate” in these days of existential peril from Islam?  We observe a political elite who seem more concerned with a possible 2C rise in temperature over the next century but seem entirely unconcerned with the destruction of our culture and polities through Islamic jihad. We see instances of mass sexual harassment of white women by Muslim men in Cologne, at first denied by the police and mayor, and then reluctantly admitted to. No European woman of my acquaintance has failed to have a story to tell about the behaviour of Muslim men towards white women, whom their religion teaches them to be whores fit to be enslaved, and who shortly will be, when the Muslims take over. As Rex Murphy pointed out, this was the face of rape culture, as as usual, public authorities were bending over backward first to deny the events, then to blame the victims.

As British writer Katie Hopkins asked: “Why shouldn’t I just put on a Burka and get it over with?” Hopkins writes:

We need to face up to some hard truths.

Cologne is a small case study for scenarios playing out all over Europe. It is a story repeated at Calais, across Germany and into France. And in African and Arabic countries where sexual violence is the norm.

White women are nothing to some Islamic and Arabic men. It’s the reason our girls were abused in Rochdale and Oxford and the reason white German women were raped in Cologne

White women are nothing to some Islamic and Arabic men. It’s the reason our girls were abused in Rochdale and Oxford and the reason white German women were raped in Cologne.

They see us as white trash. And we are no longer safe. These migrants are a cultural time-bomb, brought up in a different era, Islamic Bernard Mannings — incompatible with modern life.

Given the demographic and therefore the political pressures Muslim immigrants are now exerting and will exert on our liberal political systems, and the safety of our women, the safety of our writers, the possibility of exercising free speech in a Muslim dominated speech environment, what exactly is “extreme” about Trump?

The current  President is more concerned with domestic arms control than with North Korea and Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, and more concerned that no one thinks a negative thought about the Prophet than that we come to grips with his actual doctrines and proven social effects, which are misogyny, intellectual suicide, and stifling of the human spirit.

We live in a society where the voices of the white cultural majority are being suppressed, and in particular prevented from asking any questions about the cultural values of the people we are being made to take in. And this is not an exclusively “white” preoccupation; all civilizations are the result of cultural choice, to go up, or to go down, and to the voices calling for us to ignore this difference between what behaviours conduce to peace, learning, order and prosperity, and what conduce to barbarism, and who say there is no such difference, we say: to hell with you. We have been ruled by your doctrines for fifty years, and it is time to throw them overboard, and maybe their proponents too.

volcanic eruption

So no, Mr. MacDougall, I do not think Trump is extreme. I think he is expressing concerns that have for too long been shoved under the carpet by members of our political elites, and judging from your previous employment as a spokesman for former Prime Minister Harper, you are one of them.

The greater the suppression, the more explosive the eruption. Get ready for a big one.