Trump and TRiUMPh…

Trump is pretty close to TRiUMPh. Triumph—roll the word around; sounds good doesn’t it?

You’d have to be living on the far side of Pluto not to be aware of how much The Donald is shaking up the political establishment. As far as the Democratic Party is concerned, that political gang has been in the tank for leftism, cultural degeneracy and sucking up to Islam for years. They’re long gone. Along with the Clinton News Network, Mostly Socialist NBC, the New York Slimes and the Washington Toast—all of them Hussein sycophants and Hildabeast underwear sniffers.

“Gone?” “Can we fix it?” …“It’s gone MacReady.” (Just for “The Thing” fans).

Gone. Totally.

It was thought until quite recently that the Republican Party Establishment might have had a few micrograms of voter credibility left. When you have previously intelligent guys like George Will and Charles Krauthammer dumping on Trump you’ve got to think that they’ve been doing some bad acid. When the conservative commentariat in the US (and, of course, in Canada (see here)) is decrying and denouncing Trump, you know that the mask is off. And by the mask, I mean the superficial cladding of the political establishment, or the political class, those who deem it their divine right to govern us.

This establishment is not only the arrogant, liberal what’s-the-latest-degeneracy we can support layer of social ichor in our society, but also a group of pseudo-conservatives that profess to oppose them. It was Will who averred that the Trump supporters were great in many ways but they should be in the Republican Party “…on our terms, not theirs”. Sorry, George, it’s not your terms, it is theirs because they are getting the support, the votes, the momentum, the action, whatever you want to call it, but it is only they who will put The Donald in the White House and arrest the destruction of America carried on so assiduously by the traitor Hussein. This is not the time for half measures, or focus groups, or slick Karl-Rove advertising, or slimy editorials full of weasel words. Ordinary folks are sick of it. They want someone to talk about—and do something about—the actual problems, the real economy, the impending future; they don’t want more teleprompter talk points from a liberal robot, they have that now.

In the West, we have armies of lying feminists inventing fictitious ‘rape cultures’ in Western universities. We have Lena Dunham in the US, a prime-time liar and rape hoaxer, libeler of innocent men, being a fan and supporter of the Hildabeast, held up as an icon for the modern woman (!), and on the other hand, on Planet Earth, women being assaulted and raped on the streets of many European cities by thousands of Muslim thugs and degenerates. What happens? The liberal media attempt to cover it up, the police refuse to act to defend the citizens (their first and primary responsibility and duty) and the politicians lie about that and then lie about their lies!

If this isn’t the definition of insanity I don’t know what is.

Western Civilization is the greatest civilization that has existed so far on Earth. It was generated by a fusion of the record passed down by the Ancient Greeks in reason and philosophy and the civilizing influence and morality the Christian religion. It has given us the Enlightenment, the Reformation, all of classical music, literature, art, science and technology and much more besides, despite its constant denigration by the agents of decay in (some of) our degenerate universities.

Any culture must be held together by a set of moral values and principles. Any alien culture that attempts to destroy those values, as Islam attempts to do in the West, will either win or face defeat in the battle of values. No tolerant society can submit to the dictates of a repressive, misogynistic anti-Semitic cult and expect to survive in any meaningful way.

It is the duty of our political leaders to guard and cherish our heritage and to foster its growth and nourishment. Those that wish to renege on that responsibility and duty are not fit for purpose. And in Germany, over the last few weeks, we have seen a brazen example of that betrayal of that fundamental pledge between governors and the governed.

This is one reason why The Donald is stirring up such a political whirlwind in the US and why the liberal establishment in Europe is being exposed in full Monty as an apologist for radical Islamic terrorism. It is the exposure of the lie of multiculturalism.

So the next time you read in our media about the “extremism” of The Donald, just think about the reality of the assault on civilized life in the heart of Europe, right now, and the despicable liberal political class that is aiding and abetting it.

Canada is always about ten years behind the US in anything, which is why we have just elected a pretty boy half wit, echoing the choice of the Americans when they elected Hussein.

But, we’re in for a fun ride. In 2016, watch liberal heads explode. Load up on popcorn. Read Breitbart, give the finger to Islam, and buy more guns (here).

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