Where have all the nannies gone? (long time passing)

This morning we awake to the news that our leader has been on vacation.
And, most sincerely, we do not begrudge Him that. His job is important and it’s just as important He and his family get a break when they can.

And no problem at all with being flown to and fro by the air force. That only makes sense.

But we do have two points to make about the hero of the nation’s bedraggled middle class’s escaped to a $2,500 a night villa on the Caribbean island of Nevis.

Why did no one compare the Christmas vacation of this leader – whom we have been told faced a unique set of challenges with a young family of three children – to that of the previous leader whose family merely consisted of two children? Perhaps because should they have done so they would have discovered that the Harpers spent their Christmases at their home in Calgary where the PM had constituents and where any excesses were limited to attending hockey games and visiting seniors centres.

And why didn’t anyone ask about the nannies? You know, the ones the leader and his enchanting missus moved from their personal payroll onto the public payroll upon moving in to 24 Sussex? It seems, after all, that with the amount of money saved by moving just one nanny at, say, $30,000 a year, onto the taxpayer’s tab there would be enough loose change left in the leader’s pockets to (lemme think) pay for airfare and 10 nights at a $2,500 a night Caribbean villa? So, did the nannies take the trip? Given their necessity, it would be fair to assume they did. Or maybe they got their own vacation. The question, it seems, never crossed our media’s mind. Or maybe it did and was just dismissed as something the people do not have the right to know. It’s the questions that go unasked that are always the giveaway.