Crime and Punishment

After that exciting and vibrant multicultural New Year’s Eve in Cologne, and, as it turns out, in many other European cities, how are we to feel about our governing classes?

Remember how they prattled on incessantly about how rape was being used as a weapon of war during the disintegration of Yugoslavia? During the war in Kosovo? And now with ISIS, the aspiring Islamic Slave Empire today in the Middle East? And how appalling it is? Well, now we have the political classes of Europe acting as the pimps of Islam.

In a previous missive I alluded to the fundamental pledge between the governors and the governed.  That pledge is to uphold the rule of law and to defend the realm (in Oldspeak), that is, to ensure that citizens can pursue their common lives throughout the realm in freedom and safety. And when those freedoms and that safety are threatened, it is the first duty of government to step in exert authority on behalf of the citizenry.

The political class of Europe, totally besotted with the multicultural mind-worm, have betrayed the fundamental bond between the rulers and the ruled. They have torn down the boundaries of nations and invited in hordes of Muslim invaders without let or hindrance, and, of course, without consulting the people in any nation under their tutelage. Further, they have suppressed the news about these mass rapes and assaults on the streets of our major cities, and conspired with corrupt, politically indoctrinated police forces and grovelling, toadying media, to allow this to happen. Attacks on undefended and free women are the lowest form of barbarism.  No police were available to stop these attacks on our womenfolk. But, miraculously, police battalions appeared, as from nowhere, as soon as citizens organized protests against this attack on our nations.

We are used to lying and duplicity in our politicians, but we will not tolerate a government that violates all principles of common decency, acts as defenders of degenerates, and the opponent of normal decent people. The current behavior of the German government is not only dishonest and reprehensible, it is an assault on all decent citizens, and, as the government have betrayed their bond, sold their souls to the multicultural devil, they must stand in the court of history and answer for their crimes.

When the day of reckoning comes, as it most assuredly will, the criminal hag Merkel and her degenerate cohorts that pass for a government must be held fully accountable.

Rebel Yell