Islamophilia is the new Beatlemania

We are all aware by now that the fear of being accused of Islamophobia has trumped feminism and gay rights, both of which are problematic western cultural ambitions for many of the faithful.

If the weekend is anything to go by, it has now trumped outrage. It is, as a west coast contact noted in an exchange on the weekend, the new Beatlemania. It is not enough for the hip to be just Islamophobia phobic any more. We are now in an age of full blown Islamophilia. Come on kids it’s time to get your Mohammed on. We’re all Islamophiles now. No party will be complete without an imam and we’ll all mix it up on the dance floor in our groovy jubbas.

How else to explain that, while our leader could have been in the nearby town of Laval visiting the family of a victim of last week’s terrorist attack in Jakarta, he was instead in Peterborough attending the official re-opening, sensitively scheduled for a Sunday, of a mosque where last fall one of the most heinous crimes of the year took place after someone set a fire there.

So that you are up to speed, here is what the Prime Minister said after the horrors inflicted there:

“I am deeply disturbed . . . Canadian authorities will not abide innocent and peaceful citizens being targeted by acts of vandalism and intolerance. . . .To the families who attend the mosque . . . the Government of Canada and our law enforcement agencies will protect your rights and make every effort to apprehend any perpetrator.”

Many suspect but no one knows the motivation of the perpetrator as, despite the above noted full commitment of Canada’s law enforcement resources, no one has been arrested. And no one was in the building at the time so no one was physically harmed. But it is clear that the PM was upset, which his presence Sunday reinforced. Fair enough, and despite the solemn nature of the occasion, he did have a bit of fun asking folks there if they’d like to take some selfies with him. (Secretly, he knows, they all wanted one and who’s gonna say no anyway?)

To show how seriously Canada takes it when people are mean to others, another official statement was issued in November two days after the Peterborough fire, noting “with deep regret” the smashing of windows at a Hindu temple and the mugging of a Muslim woman in Toronto.

These were “vicious and senseless acts” that have no place in our country and that “our focus must be on fighting those responsible” for acts of terror.

And hey there bro, speaking of terror, we had a little action going on over the weekend didn’t we? No less than six Canadians working for a Christian aid organization among the 28 people slaughtered over the weekend by Islamic Jihadists in the delightfully named Burkina Faso capital of Ougadougou.

This is what the leader said about the biggest one-day death toll for this country’s citizens at the hands of terrorists since Sept. 11 2001:

“Canada strongly condemns the deadly terrorist attacks (no reference to by whom). . .we offer our deepest condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of all those killed and a speedy recovery to all those injured. We are deeply saddened by these senseless acts of violence on innocent civilians We have offered assistance to the Burkinabe authorities in their investigation of this terrible crime.”

What happened to “vicious?” Apparently it was good enough to describe breaking windows and rolling ladies in Toronto but not for mass murder which, OK, is conceded as a “terrible” crime. And no mention whatsoever about a commitment to “stopping the people responsible for the terror.”


The leader was “deeply disturbed” by a small victimless blaze in Peterborough of yet to be determined motivation, but just “deeply saddened” by wholesale slaughter? Canadians “will not abide” vandalism and intolerance and make “every effort to apprehend any perpetrator” in the case of Peterborough, but when it comes to the making of a human abattoir in Burkina Faso, the response is best paraphrased as “meh.”

“Strongly condemns” means nothing. When fellow citizens are butchered, most Canadians are actually outraged, as are relatives of the deceased. Or appalled. Or shocked. Or alarmed. Or even, to reference the Peterborough statement, “deeply disturbed.” Or state, as Quebec’s Premier did, that these kind, gentle people died “at the hands of barbarians.”

Even more illustrative, there was no official statement at all – the ultimate “meh” – regarding the murder last week of Canadian Tahar Amer Ouali by Islamic terrorists in Jakarta. Nothing vicious and senseless to see here folks. Move along. Given his Algerian heritage, Ouali likely would have had been a better candidate for official sympathy if he’d had a rock thrown through his window in Laval.

So go ahead, Al Qaeda or Isis or whoever. Whack Canadians all you want and all you will do is make us sad. Our revenge will be dejection. Our defence, melancholy. All you will do is reinforce our Islamophilia.

We will fight on the beaches every time a woman is mugged and insulted in Toronto. We will rush to the ramparts of political corrrectness every time a rock is tossed suspiciously through the wrong window. We will gird our loins, don our jubbas and give you the full Haka any time you mutter anything concerning discomfort about how our culture is changing but shout “Allah Akbar,” strap on your suicide vest, take the safety off that AK-47 and kill us anytime.

It will only according to nation’s chief Islamophile, make us a little woebegon.