All Trump, all the Time

Just a quickie here. Morton Kondracke, one of the usual Republican pundits had a rant recently against The Donald (here).  Mort then said he would ‘write in’ his support for Paul Ryan as his choice for President.  After electing Republican Congressmen and Senators en masse in 2014, these people then proceeded to cave in to Hussein’s agenda, thereby displaying their rubber spines.  Naturally, this has infuriated the folks who voted for them, and justifiably so.  Here’s one of the comments from Liberius in Texas that should tell these pointy heads in the GOP establishment what’s wrong with them and just how and why Trump is a nuclear-powered ice-breaker that’s going to do a number on these losers…

“…And Mort continues to prove that the usual DC crowd does not get it, not in the slightest. If any of you DC Republican bozos are reading this, I’m going to spell it out in nice simple words so it gets through your thick skulls. We’re tired of Quislings like your golden boy, who tell us what we want to hear, then do the opposite once they get in office. We will not support that, we will not be a party to our own disenfranchisement anymore. What’s idea-driven and compassionate about ignoring the base and voting for the Obama agenda, which we want to see repealed in its entirety? What’s pro-growth about voting for policies that are destroying this country?
Trump isn’t nativist, misogynistic, or xenophobic and it’s intellectually dishonest to claim that he is. Seriously, is that the best you’ve got? Parroting Democratic condemnations? However, he is insulting, undignified, and profane to all of the fatcats who run this gong show of a party. Guess what, guys? You deserve it! He’s the exact opposite of all the polished, inoffensive nice guy turncoats who keep stabbing us in the back. Maybe that’s why we like him.
You treated us like unwashed peasants who should bow before the wisdom of your pretended intellectual superiority one too many times. We’re tired of the tail wagging the dog. We’re the party, you’re replaceable. Without us, you’re in the unemployment line. Most of us weren’t even sold on Trump until you started screaming about how much you don’t want him. You’ve chosen the form of the Destroyer. It’s time for you to reap what you’ve sown.” [h/t Liberius from Texas].

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