All Trump, all the time…part(2)

Folks, I have to say that what’s happening in the good ole US of A is way, way more important than the fatuous frolics of our Mr Selfie Short-Pants and his gong show in Davos. As always, the Americans are setting the pace of change and it’s going to make NASCAR look like kiddies’ go-kart.

Dr Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, a great grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, recently penned an essay which says it all, much more ably than my meandering scribbling (here).  Concerning George Will and the recent attack on Trump from the National Review he says…

“..They could not be more wrong and the electorate is about to demonstrate such to the ultimate elitists, Mr. Will. And to NR.

Now Will, NR and their Bushie buddies on K Street, who are very much Inside the Beltway, can’t stand the possibility that Outsider business-savvy Trump would upset their cushy little applecart and gravy train. All the clubs, fancy lunches — paid for by lobbyists, and the Republican coziness cum cronyism would be swept away like the end of Tammany Hall, were Trump to succeed. Will would have to close his swank salon in upscale Chevy Chase and come to the realization that we no longer inhabit the quaint 18th century world that so enthralls Will and his toney, all talk, no action ilk. His brand of politics and talk shows ad nauseam would come to an end. He might have to sell all his dated bow ties at the Episcopal Church secondhand auction—if there were any takers (he IS an atheist) or go back to the professoriate…”

“…Trump may in fact be a paradox: he is a conservative who seeks to ensconce liberalism with a small L, i.e.; limited government, a free economy, and a big stick. He is doubtless loud, populist, takes the offensive, and most importantly, he can win!

George Will, NR and the political class should stop with the name-calling and re-enter the world of reasoned argument and support a big tent Republicanism. The best argument is as Ronald Reagan, who knew a thing or two about winning, resounded, “Here’s my strategy on winning the Cold War: we win, they lose.”

Here’s Trump’s strategy on Making America Great Again: We all win and the leftist, statist Democrats (and their Republican go-alongs) lose…”

Make sure you read it all.

The current political class of the USA, both Left and Right, is nearing the end of its life. The edition of National Review which ran an attack on the Republican Party’s leading star, The Donald, marks the end…as in The. End.

The standard pundits, the talking heads on the networks, concern themselves with the inner meaning of the word ‘conservative’, or ‘liberal’. Meanwhile, out in the real world, with a collapsing middle class, high unemployment, an invasion of illegal immigrants, Islam at war with the West, and an arrogant Federal Government that would make Mussolini a moderate, America is bubbling and seething. This is shown in the amazing diversity of the slate of candidates for the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. Ted Cruz, an excellent conservative with a razor-sharp mind; Ben Carson, a brilliant man of sound principle; Carly Fiorina, Kelly Girl to CEO, and more,…lessons in real diversity and capability. The Democrats, on the other hand, are offering only a wizened semi-female liar whose main claim to fame is the ability to cover for her rapist husband, and a plastic Bolshevik from the 1930s.

But The Donald is where it’s at. The political class knows that, which is why all its toadies and sycophants in the MSM are pulling out all the stops to stop Trump. It’s the usual lefty hate with insults, fabrications, lies, you know it all. Trump may not be a classical conservative, but who cares? He’s the kinda guy with backbone, guts, determination, patriotism in his blood, and a great deal of intelligence that is quintessentially American. You can tell that he’s really smart by the way he drives all the right people nuts. He appeals to the average American because he embodies those characteristics, he doesn’t just talk about them…he IS them.

It doesn’t matter what the media say about him, whether they call him a criminal or a clown, whether they laugh at him or revile him, the main thing is that they talk about him day after day until the voters see that he is the only real power to be reckoned with. And he doesn’t spend a cent on publicity.

The most perceptive political pundit in the US, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, recently remarked that arguing about the definition of a word marks capitulation….

“…National Review’s cover story, in which the big question comes down to whether Trump is a true conservative or not, is your tell for capitulation on the right.
The left is still in the fight, but the right just capitulated to Trump.
In the 2D world, it might seem that National Review’s organized resistance of “thought leaders” opposed to Trump is a big deal. But that incorrectly assumes “thought” was ever important. In the 3D world of persuasion, National Review’s move is nothing but throwing the gun at the monster.”
The turbulence in American politics is a sign of an impending rejuvenation of a great nation, and Trump is the man of the moment.

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