Sub-human rights trump women’s rights?

What is the world coming to when even the feminist agree with this sentiment?

racists4rapistsRote Antifa posted a picture of young feminist on Thursday, holding a sign that stated she preferred rapists from Syria and North Africa over nationalists in Germany who have demanded Chancellor Angela Merkel stop taking in more refugees.

The picture itself is photoshopped where the word “REFUGEES” has been replaced with “RAPISTS” but it is instructive that Rote Antifa, an anti-fascist  organisation, chose to post this on their website because they are in concordance with the message. When did we start subjugating women again and start giving a small minority of sub-humans a precedence in rights over half of the human population?

Now we also learn that the sexual attacks in European cities on New Year’s Eve weren’t news at all. Consider this.

Authorities in Sweden are investigating claims that police there covered up sexual assaults committed mostly by immigrant youths at a music festival in Stockholm — attacks apparently similar in style to those carried out on New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne.

Police documented 38 claims of sexual assault — including two alleged rapes — in connection with the “We Are Sthlm” festival in 2014 and 2015, according to Reuters. They believe the attacks were carried out by about 50 people, most of them young Afghans, Reuters reported, citing Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish paper that broke the news.

Leftist will resort to psychobabble when it comes to this, but in this case it is best to apply the Occam’s Razor and ask the following question about the Western Civilisation –  has there ever been a civiilsation with a wider disparity between intellectual accomplishments and common sense?