All Trump, all the time,,,part (8)

A friend and I have a bet on Trump being the next Republican candidate and the next President of the United States.Over beers yesterday he expressed his belief that Trump was a racist for his views on Muslim immigration and building a wall to keep Mexicans out, and claims that Mexican criminals were raping white women.

Here is my reply.

We all live in a common space. We share the nation we live in with many peoples of foreign extraction. They are busy assimilating and making their lives better by being here, or not. It is the ones who are not assimilating that we have to worry about.

The energy behind Trump is the conviction on the part of many Americans that they have been deserted by their political class, both Republican and Democrat. Cases in point:

And I need hardly go on about the Obama regime suing banks for declining to lend money to blacks and Mexicans at the same interest rates as they do whites, the persecution of the Ferguson police department and others that use force to suppress black crime, the generally anti-white, pro-black tenor of public discourse and academia.

These, and the Islamic terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, are driving white people to say “enough!”. They are tired of a  President who always strikes the note that Muslims are persecuted in America, that black thugs could be his son, and his multiple attempts to make America as much like the third world as he can in the time available to him.

And when a white politician arises to say this is all stuff and nonsense, if only by implication, he is automatically labelled a racist and a bigot.

When, on top this, the claim or racism and bigotry comes from a man who double locks his doors and has a loaded gun in his house, as a general protection from welfare recipients, many of whom are black, who live across his fence in a sketchy neighbourhood, I think a claim of hypocrisy is well founded, even if he is ready to live among them in an armed redoubt.

For myself, I want to live where I do not have to fear my neighbours or the people across the nearby boulevard.

Americans want to live in a nation and not a set of multi-racial Belfasts separated by freeways. They want to live as much as possible without having to pack a gun, and carry one in the car. They will if they have to but most would rather not. Unlike the chattering classes, who live at great remove from the people who rape and kill for sport, or who rob stores for the money for a quick fix, the ordinary people of America have noticed a deteriorating situation and will do something about it.

They are Americans. They have already fought one war of independence, and a civil war whose death toll still exceeds the death toll of all other wars they have ever fought.

They will face what is wrong and fix it. Right now, Trump looks like the only candidate even talking their language, except for Sanders.