Reading the Comments

In my perusal of the conservative political blogs and newspaper columns, I have been noticing something interesting. Whenever the commentators have been down on Trump, the commentary back from the citizens has been a scathing rejection of the anti-Trump position of the article they are responding to. It is not just in American political blogs you find this. Look at our Chief Hand-Wringer at the National Post, Andrew Coyne. The tenor of the commentary is that people are sick and fed up with political correctness, the boot of Marxism pressing on out jugulars. Check out American Thinker,the American Conservative, and especially National Review Online, which is ravingly anti-Trump. This is an example here. To an article by David French, entitled “keep fighting, there is no choice” – meaning fighting Trump – the comments are divided but interesting.

I am not suggesting that you waste more time on the Internet than you usually do. I am proposing that you sift anti-Trump commentary in normally conservative outlets, and see what the majority of people responding think. Salon readers will be predictably alarmed. They do not concern me. It is the replies to conservatives against Trump that is interesting. In general, I predict that you will find that people are immensely annoyed with the reign of PC, and believe Trump is the Samson bringing down that temple of alien gods.