Absence of outrage silences Dalwhinnie

The Liberal federal government has shown the same capacity for change as the Bourbon monarchy: “they have learned nothing and they have forgotten nothing”     said Talleyrand after they were restored to the throne of France after the overthrow of Napoleon. Same here in Canada.


Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord,
French foreign minister under Napoleon


To review the Liberals’ performance so far:

  • they have opened the spigots of public spending, not temporarily but for as long as they can get away with higher deficits;
  • they have repealed laws that caused unions, Indian band governments and other sectors to reveal how they spend money, so that funds can be transferred to help Liberal governments during elections, bypassing electoral spending laws
  • they will spend all this money and still not have a naval shipbuilding program;
  • they have suspended the requirement for immigrants to speak French or English, thus raising the costs of immigration to Canadian society;
  • they are denying we are at war with ISIS, even as our army trains Kurds to fight them;
  • they will scale back or remove any historical reference to our valorous military past;
  • they have allowed Muslim women to take the oath of allegiance wearing a niqab;
  • they will do their best to get the Queen off the $20 bill.

In short, they are behaving as Liberals, and as Blair Atholl reminds us, all this will be accompanied by the adulation of the liberal-leaning Canadian media.


As we are all aware, blogging requires a degree of work, and also of outrage, or of interest. For myself, I am unable to arouse in myself the interest or the outrage to comment much about the new Liberal regime in Canada. The new Liberal regime is the old Liberal regime. It is peopled by the same bien-pensants, supported by the same social and intellectual classes, and it will cntinue to mistake the desire of Canadians to change their government after ten years of Harper for some restoration of the ancien regime. Canada is back! proclaims Trudeau Junior.

It sure is. And I can summon neither interest nor outrage.

PS: Blair Atholl has been working hard for the past several weeks. We look forward to his return soon.