How eco-activists really inspired ISIS

tunisiaDear Diary:

One day, when archeologists sort through the remnants of western society and wonder “what the hell were they thinking?” they will determine that it was in Canada, roughly about 2016, where it first became obvious the world had lost the capacity for rational thought.

Canada, as no one in Canada knows, is about to entrench its status as the world’s most socially left-wing nation. Here, unlike anywhere in Europe or the Commonwealth abroad, abortion is available right up until the moment a “cluster of cells” enters the birth canal and it is just fine to do so because you have determined said cluster is not of the preferred gender. Here, a 12-year-old boy may declare himself a girl, play on the girls’ sports teams and use washrooms designated for use only by an outdated construct once known as females. Here, the rights of minorities are deemed so pervasive that anyone who disagrees with anything stated by any member of those communities is banished from the public square and deemed to be suffering from some fantastical pathology. Here, unlike any other nation in the world, marijuana sale, possession and use will be entirely legal. Here, unlike any country in the world, the mentally ill and children will soon not only be able to acquire assistance for their suicides, people and institutions holding the crazy belief that killing is wrong will be forced by the state to end other people’s lives.

And here, the people – because they were bored with competence – enthusiastically elected a government that will plunge them into an additional $100 billion in debt just because being a grownup sucks.

Which brings us to Global Affairs Minister Stephane Dion and his quite remarkable mid-week speech at the Climate Change and Security: Fragile States conference in Ottawa. There, no doubt to an enthralled audience of believers, he explained that climate change and global warming are among the root causes of the rise of Islamic terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

He correctly points to food shortages and riots as accelerants for the phenomena known as the Arab Spring which led to the fall of numerous North African despots and widespread rebellion in Syria. He neglects to point out how excited the West – led by the United States – was about these developments at the time. He of course ignored all kinds of other facts such as, for instance that this Arab Spring only occurred in nations led by corrupt, unpopular governments. Others – Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Kuwait, etc – did not participate in the glorious spring. Most of all, he ignored the fact that it is people who hold to his own slavish beliefs who were ultimately responsible for the food shortages which fuelled the uprisings which led to the Arab Spring which destabilized Syria which led to the rise of ISIS (which is his argument).

What actually happened was that in 2010, US President Barack Obama, as part of his agenda to reduce carbon emissions and halt climate change, announced a massive funding program to encourage Middle America to use its farms to grow crops for use in clean renewable bio fuel energy. And, never mind for the moment that the whole thing wound up wasting $150 billion, the good farmers of Iowa did just that, selling their corn as fuel instead of food. This, as Time magazine pointed out a year later, was the single most important factor in causing the enormous rise in food prices that followed. (that led to the shortages, riots, Arab Spring . . . .)

So, Mr. Minister, it wasn’t actually a changing climate that led to the events you describe. It was the American President’s unblinking faith in eco-extremism to fight climate change that did that because he believed it was more important to feed that ideology than it was to feed people. And, through him, it was you. Thanks.

Speaking of religion, we were touched by the Prime Minister’s moving image of Gaia worship during Earth Hour, which he apparently spontaneously tweeted from his home.Earth hour

This moving performance, complete with a burning log on the fire and a lit candle, each of which created more emissions than if the silly lad and a woman who appears to be imitating Mary Magdalene had simply turned on the lights, was remarkable for its spiritual imagery. We note that the following week there was no photo of the family attending mass for Easter. We admit to some surprise that the PMO did issue a statement concerning Easter but our suspicions were confirmed when we realized that statement did not refer to Christian values as “values we all share.” He does of course state that anytime he refers to Islam.

Keeping with the theme of renewable energy, we note that while according to the CBC hundreds of schools  have, quite emotionally, signed up to be powered by wind energy, the inconvenient truth is that the “schools do not directly use energy generated from the wind farm. However, the turbines contribute electricity to the system from which they are supplied.”

And, while proponents still declare this makes sense because it’s “cost-effective” that view doesn’t appear to be shared by the operators of the nation’s oldest wind farm, who are shutting it down, dismantling it and selling it for scrap. Yet another, um, awkward truth.

The PM, before hustling off to Wahington last week, managed to swing out to Alberta where, showing his party’s historic ability to rub westerners the wrong way, he explained that rather than being upset the federal budget contained absolutely nothing for their battered economy those who didn’t qualify should “be pleased” their home addresses didn’t meet the standard for extended employment insurance
The good news from this is that it means there will be at least four fewer Liberals following the next election although from all reports many selfies were taken (that’s gotta be getting a little old). And, if we can just get that “why should I sell your oil?” question to cross the lips of the golden child, man, it’ll be just like the 1970s. Groovy.