“Radical Islam”, a shift in opinion?

Two things of note happened today in relation to the narrative regarding the Orlando shooting.

Today Hillary Clinton used the term  “radical Islamism”, which is a departure from her earlier statements. That is most likely indicative of focus groups and overnight polling results. This is a candidate who doesn’t do anything without polls. Recall that her husband relied on polls to select vacation spots.

Second, during times like this people rally around the president thus boosting his approval rating. But as we know, Obama is a divisive figure as WaPo noted in the article “The new norm: When tragedy hits, Americans stand divided”. The latest daily approval numbers by Rasmussen reflect this and indicate that his reluctance not to blame radical Islam did not go over well. In fact his approval rating declined.

Obama Approval Index History

Date Approval Index Strongly Approve Strongly Disapprove Total Approve Total Disapprove
13-Jun-16 -10 28% 38% 49% 50%
10-Jun-16 -7 29% 36% 49% 49%