Treason Afoot

More than two thousand years ago, the Ancient Greeks understood that “whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” It seems that a modern version of this is to see Islamic terrorism commit mass murder and then blame your neighbors for it.

At least, that’s what the shameful, pathetic response from Weasel-in-Chief Obama told us. Not only can he not face reality, he has to insult the American people in a time of tragedy by saying that “we” are all responsible. No, “we” are not, you liar. Islamic terrorism is. Not only is every word he says phony, he uses the occasion to spit in the eye of every American. Islam is merrily slaughtering gays, enslaving Christian girls, raping women with impunity, stoning people to death and beheading them in public around the world and still he cannot say the words—Islamic terrorism.

Obama never misses an opportunity to disgrace the Presidency and give succor to America’s enemies. That pretty much sums it up—treason.

When he leaves office, he’ll need a big, flat rock to live under.

Rebel Yell