How Low Can He Go?

As you know, Obama (he who does President impressions) gave a speech at the funerals of the slain Dallas police officers recently. At a time of national mourning, one would have thought that he could have shown some sympathy for the bereaved.

But no, true to form, showing how completely tone-deaf he is to the reality around him, he indulged himself by insulting the officers and families gathered there to honor their loved ones with a political speech supporting the black racist thugs of the Black Lives Matter movement. What must have been particularly galling for the survivors was to hear the lies about “racial disparities in law enforcement”. As a recent report from Harvard University (of all places) found, blacks are, in fact, marginally more privileged than whites when it comes to confrontations with the police. What Obama failed to mention was the real racial disparity, which is in law breaking, not law enforcement.

Anyone who makes speeches from a position of authority supporting assaults on the enforcement of law and its independence from the meddling of politicians must realize that those things will happen. That they are aided and abetted by the president is appalling beyond words. Those officers and families that put their lives on the line every day of their working lives deserve the support and devotion of the leadership of the state. His mob is protected every day, despite their taunting, insults and anti-social behavior. The very people called upon to serve and protect are the very ones reviled by the state authorities. Nothing could be a crueller sneer at the five who died that day. Many of the officers showed their true mettle by remaining completely silent; it was they who honored the dead.

But Obama, paying homage to himself with a panache that would make Narcissus blush, could do nothing but further disgrace himself.

And Clinton, emerging from her hive, much tired after a riotous day of spreading her ichor of corruption on the FBI and the Department of Justice, summarily blamed all white Americans saying that ‘we all’ have implicit bias. No, ‘we all’, don’t. How dare she point the finger of blame on any innocent, white or black, simply to signal her pandering to the worst elements of the mob? A daily regimen of lying is necessary to burnish her insincerity prior to the coming conflicts. Why waste the tears of the bereaved? But, I digress.

The American Constitution is a great document and a great vision of the government of men, but no Constitution can protect society when the quality of the human material sinks and is no longer worthy of the founders themselves. Human failings, and not constitutional malfunctions, are the causes of the rot. Burke saw it clearly during the French Revolution, where he said at one point, of the constitution of the National Assembly,

…I do not mean its formal constitution, which, as it now stands, is exceptionable enough, but the materials of which, in a great measure, it is composed, which is of ten thousand times greater consequence than all the formalities in the world.

The humbug of Obama and the taint of the Clinton Mafia are symptomatic of this very real decay of the ruling classes. Once corruption of the legal system and justification of mob rule become the creed of the state, the end can not be far off.

Rebel Yell