National Post McPiffle

In days gone by, when Conrad Black founded the National Post, it looked like Canada was going to get a newspaper that wasn’t just an echo chamber for the chattering classes and the liberal establishment. Since Conrad divested himself of that and all the good writers (like Mark Steyn) have left, nothing much remains, except, like the ruins around Ozymandias, long, lone and level sands of progressive drivel.

Witness Mr McParland’s highly predictable, meandering missive in the National Post, of July 19th, on the prospects of a Trump Presidency—gasoline to set the world aflame.

Those of us who were around during the Reagan campaign remember well all the hysterical ravings of the lame stream media about how Reagan would start a nuclear war, destroy America, invite Satan to the White House, blah, blah…you’ve heard it all before. However, when President Reagan brought the US its longest running economic recovery, negotiated the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaties with the Soviet Union, oversaw the collapse of communism and won the Cold War without firing a shot (you’re welcome) did the Washington scribblers and jabbering pundits actually say thanks? Or admit to being wholly wrong? Of course not.

I suspect Mr McParland’s unfocused gibberish in the NP will meet the same fate. Under the Hussein regime, America has staggered from one foreign policy disaster to another, with the assistance of the well-known crook and incompetent, Mrs Bill Clinton. I say Mrs Bill Clinton because without him she would still be a devious, decrepit lawyer (assuming she hadn’t been disbarred) in the Arkansas swamps. Everything she touches turns to dross. Even entire countries, Libya, have been turned into terrorist hellholes with the application of her Secretary of State ministrations. Her incompetence in matters of international politics and her dishonesty and lying in matters of an email nature render her unfit for sweeping the streets, let alone fit for high office.

I like Trump. He’s brash, rude, outspoken, straight-talking and—successful in what he does. ‘America First’ is what the country desperately needs after eight years of treason and defeatism from the Hussein White House. The neocon nest in the State Department needs to be expunged and the country set on a path for less intervention, for more outreach to our neighbors in Western Civilization, especially Russia, to work together to eliminate the threats from radical Islamic terror. The anti-White racism so rampant today must be stopped and the appalling rhetoric encouraging violence against our peace officers halted immediately. Those who commit these crimes and provide the poisonous atmosphere in which they flourish, must be made to pay in full. American workers need to know that they have a government that is on their side, not trying to undermine them at every turn with uncontrolled immigration of the worst sort. Above all, America needs a President who actually upholds the Constitution and does not attempt to destroy it.

That’s why America needs Trump and I’m waiting for the day when Mr McParland’s piffle will join the other acres of turgid print from the lame stream media lining the kitty litter boxes of the nation.

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