It’s too soon to say


It is too soon to say if ISIL had anything to do with the train attacks that saw five people wounded in Bavaria by an Afghan asylum seeker. By the same token it is NOT too soon to say that the root cause of the attack was Islam’s effect on the mind of the Afghan attacker.


Despite the ISIL claim of responsibility and a hand-painted ISIL flag found in the suspect’s apartment, authorities said so far they have found no direct links between the suspect and ISIL and believe that he self-radicalized.

Investigator Lothar Koehler said the teenager’s motivation appeared to be Islamic extremism based upon a passage, found among notes in his apartment, which read: “Pray for me that I can take revenge on these infidels and pray for me that I will go to heaven.”

In the premeditated attack, the attacker boarded the regional train after nine p.m. near the Bavarian city of Wuerzburg with an ax and knife concealed in a bag, according to Ohlenschlager. He said the suspect had learned Saturday that a friend had died in Afghanistan.

“Self-radicalized”: what a  wonderful expression! A Muslim has a personal crisis of almost any sort and, without any sort of external influence – except his culture and religion and upbringing which tell him to do these things – tries to murder non-Muslims.

I “radicalize” myself and decide I must kill people. And this is “the religion of peace”. Sounds more like the psychopathology of Satan to me.

As one wag said recently, in modern society we find one peanut-related product in a primary school and we all freak out, lest a child go into allergic shock; one Muslim and we are supposed to welcome them and make them feel at home (which is often impossible because many of  their homes are propagating the very attitudes that would destroy us).

As John Derbyshire said:

And still our leaders offer the same fool nostrums. Most Muslims aren’t terrorists, they soothe, as if anyone ever thought they were. If I give you a big box full of M&Ms and tell you just one of the M&Ms is packed full of Strychnine, I venture to speculate that you will not open the box and start decorating ice-cream cones with the contents.


A much higher degree of skepticism needs to be exercized against Islam and a much lower level against CO2 build-up.