Newspeak for Everyone (2)

As I’m sitting in the cool shade of a large maple, letting the .375 H&H Magnum cool off while we sip mint juleps, here are few other important Newspeak words to pepper your cocktail party chit-chat with. Oldspeak meanings and explanations are given for all of you still with minds that function. Mind your usage when at the Faculty Club.

1. Vibrant. As in “a vibrant multicultural community in Cologne on New Year’s Eve”. If a crowd of White people rape hundreds of women in public, on the city streets, this is a heinous act of barbarism, whereas, if it’s Muslim “refugees”, the police would like you forget about it, even though it’s “vibrant multiculturalism”.

2. Non-judgmental. As in “What’s wrong with female genital mutilation in Islamic societies? Oh, I’m very non-judgmental”. As long as any act is carried out by non-White, non-Western, non-Christians then no criticism is allowed and you are non-judgmental. However, if a Mom and Pop bakery declines to make a wedding cake for lesbians, then you can be as judgmental as you like, preferably with multiple hissy fits and law suits to drive them out of business. But be careful, they have to be Christian; Muslims are allowed to decline to do anything for homosexuals due to their “cultural sensitivity”.

3. Inclusive. As in “our university ensures that all activities are inclusive”. All activities must include members of all races, communities and cultural background, except, of course, Whites, Jews, Christians and Asian students acing their physics exams. With them, their inclusion is optional.

4. Safe space. As in “we require a safe space to protect us from the trauma of Donald Trump”. A “safe space” is usually a room where the afflicted SJWs can gather to beat their breasts, whine, cry and snivel for hours while they are fully insulated from reality. Usually supplied free of charge by supine university administrations.

5. Dark. A very new addition to the vocabulary, engendered by the Washington Pravda, under the new dominion of its Insect Overlord, Bezos, the New York Slimes, and their robots in the TV media, as a descriptor of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the recent Republican National Convention. After Trump laid out the problems facing America (crime, illegal immigration, bad trade policies, lawlessness and a destructive foreign policy) and then vowing to lead the nation to rejuvenation and greater glory, the speech was labelled “dark”.  Note how the word appeared in all Party organs at the same time. “Light” speeches, on the other hand, talk endlessly of unicorns, pixie dust and building bridges, and are deemed “insightful, healing and inclusive” (aka Democrat piffle).

6. Racist. As in “I think it’s a nice day. That’s racist!” Or, supporting law and order is “racist” as Chris (legs all a-tingle) Matthews would say. Only applies to White people with whom you disagree on any subject under the Sun. All non-White races are non-racist. Has largely replaced “fascist” in usage.

7. Diversity. The property of being inclusive, of course. There are even officers for diversity on university campuses to enforce such. Diversity only applies to outward appearance in matters racial or cultural, certainly not to ideas and opinions which must conform to the multicultural norm. Oldspeak meaning: “conformity”.

I hope you were paying attention, there will be a short quiz before your next lesson.

That’s enough for today; must be off to put a few more rounds through the old .375 H&H Mag, she needs it, and so do I.

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