Time in Chicago, time in the country

This summer I have been a submarine, surfacing rarely. I have been surrounded by Democrats and by liberal Republicans, all of whom are shocked, shocked to hear a word in favour of Trump. So by and large I have kept my mouth shut, and listened to the ranting.

I recently attended a board meeting in Chicago. One of the board’s close advisors is now a member of Hillary’s team. He was purring with satisfaction at the chances of Hillary winning. The Democratic electoral team is expecting an October surprise from Putin in some form or another, and they are confident enough of their chances that they are threatening Putin with dire consequences should  he unleash intercepted or stolen emails, after Hillary wins.

I see polls, and Hillary is generally somewhat ahead at the moment. Trump occasionally catches up. Frankly, unless there is a high degree of suppressed opinion out there, Hillary will win. I happen to believe that, like Brexit, a large number of people are holding their mouths shut lest they be mistaken for troglodytes by their more liberal neighbours. But I was equally mistaken about Romney, and was confounded by Obama’s second victory.

Stay tuned folks. Trump has an uphill battle.