Why Trump Must Win

America is facing a grave crisis, not only in its struggling economy, but in its relations with the world. The last few decades since the collapse of communism (in Russia, at least) have not seen any change in the approach of the Washington Establishment to international affairs.

The neocon cabal remains rooted in the mindset of the Cold War. After the end of the communist threat to Europe, there was a chance to really ‘build bridges’ and welcome Eastern Europe and Russia back into the club of free Western nations. Far from cooperating, the US administration set about trying to loot Russia and turn it into another satrapy of the banking oligarchy in New York. This led to the rise of oligarchs in Russia, but, also, to the rise of Putin, who could at least see what Russia had to face in order to survive.

In the Middle East, the policy of the Hussein White House has been one of aiding and abetting Islamic terrorism everywhere, even to the extent of giving Iran a pathway to the bomb. Foreign policy in Syria has been a disaster, first with weakness in the face of ISIS, and second by refusing to work with Russia (the only nation with a legitimate right to be there right now) to conquer the terrorists and provide a basis for some sort of settlement there. The Hussein (and Clinton) foreign policy is to build bridges to America’s enemies and a wall against its friends. Trump’s foreign policy is to build bridges to her friends and a wall against her enemies.

Further, the refusal of the Hussein White House to recognize what Saudi Arabia is doing, fomenting Islamic terror around the world, stymies any rational approach by any other nation.

On the economic front, the financial crash of 2008 was brought about by a gang of banksters who looted the American and European taxpayer to pay for their criminal actions. The West has still not recovered. In Europe, Greece has been destroyed as a nation in order to serve the moneyed interests that run the EU. In southern European countries, youth unemployment approaches 50%. Such social decay is unsustainable, to use a trendy word.

In the US primaries, there were some very important and distinct differences between the Republican and Democrat campaigns. While it is true that Sanders represents a rebellion against the Establishment in the same way as Trump, the outcomes are very different. Clinton, the soulless robot of the banksters, was the anointed candidate for the Democrats. Despite the wholesale support of the Democrat machine, the New York Slimes, the Washington Pravda and all the other media toadies propping her up, vote fraud and a barrage of lies, she could barely scrape a victory against a 74-year old socialist from Vermont. This is not a candidate of strength.

On the Republican side, The Donald, in full New York brashness, took on 16 other candidates, whipped them all, and despite the Republican Establishment trying to nail him, and, of course, all of America’s lying media, TV networks etc., won a massive victory. This is a candidate of strength.

Throughout the campaign, the Establishments of both parties have shown their open contempt for ordinary Americans who are worried about all their jobs being exported to the Third World, their cities being torn up by ignorant rioters egged on by the press and TV, and their military being dishonored at home and abroad. Worst of all, is the open contempt of America’s great heritage and contributions to freedom through the ages by the traitor in the White House. The stench of corruption has all but destroyed the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Clinton is the candidate of the banksters, the corrupt political class and its toadying, lying media. This is why they are so desperate to destroy Trump. This is why they are squealing like a stuck pig with the approach of Donald Trump. He may not be the Second Coming, but he may well read the Riot Act to the political class that has been in power long past its sell-by date.

What Trump Must Do

This is what President Trump should do. First, fire all the senior management of many federal departments, to wit, the EPA, Department of Justice, the FBI, and the State Department (especially the State Department) and launch a full-scale investigation into corruption in State, Justice and the FBI.

Second, abolish the Department of Education and return that authority to the States, where it belongs. Ensure that First (and Second) Amendment rights are respected in all educational establishments and withdraw any funding for organizations that suppress freedom of expression through ‘political correctness’.

Third, rescind all of Hussein’s Executive Orders. In fact, have a TV ceremony where he can tear them up in the White House for all to see.

Fourth, immediately suspend all Islamic immigration until such time as adequate screening processes are in place.

Fifth, give notice to all nations, especially Muslim nations, that all foreign aid will cease unless immediate steps are taken to guarantee the rights of women, gays and religious minorities in their purview.

Sixth, invite President Putin, Prime Minister May and other European leaders to Washington to discuss ways of reducing tensions in the Middle East and wiping out Islamic State. Demand that other Western nations pony up the money too.

Seventh, end money printing, which only serves to bail out the banksters and further impoverish American (and European) taxpayers. Hold banks responsible for their financial decisions, not the taxpayer.

Eighth, cut the budget of the EPA by 50% at least and require all regulations passed in the past ten years to be reviewed, and, if not fully justified, abolished.

Ninth, abolish all affirmative action programs for jobs and college, except for military veterans.

Tenth, ensure that if an enquiry into corruption in the government results in successful prosecutions, the ne’er-do-wells go to jail.

The presstitutes, journos and all the nest of vipers in the media Establishment will always hate Trump, whatever he does. That’s why he should be ruthless, immediately; the tougher he acts, the more his supporters will love him.  Who knows, maybe the Republicans in Congress will develop a backbone?

I also have some ideas for some personalities who could serve in a Trump Cabinet.  Stay tuned.

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