Anti-Russian Hysteria

With the Syrian civil war grinding on into its fifth year, with little sign of the end in sight, hysteria has broken out in Washington and spread to a number of vassal states in NATO. Russia is a “pariah state”, engaging in “war crimes”, bombing hospitals and medical convoys, and lest they forgot, eating baby kittens. As we all know, American bombs never kill civilians.

Why the sudden hate campaign against Russia?

Whatever one thinks of the Syrian regime, it remains a fact that Assad’s government is the only legitimate government in what remains of the country. Syria has for many years had an agreement with the Russians (dating back to the days of the Soviet Union) whereby Russia has a military base in Syria, almost the only military base Russia has outside the homeland. Contrast this with the nearly 800 (!) military bases the Americans have around the world in other countries.

Further, for almost three years, the Russians did nothing there whilst al-Qaida, Islamic State and a swarm of other Muslim terrorist bandit armies fought to oust Assad. The Syrian government requested help and the Russians responded with limited air support for Syrian ground operations. At first, only about 50 aircraft were deployed to Syria. The Russians notified the Americans of their intentions to avoid any potential conflicts between their air forces.

Over the past year, the Syrian forces under Assad have made slow, but steady progress against their rivals backed by Russian aircraft. Now, the battle is focused on Aleppo. If Aleppo falls to the Syrian forces, it would be a major step forward for Assad and a heavy loss for the various Islamic terrorist armies.

Also, it would demonstrate the utter failure of American foreign policy in the Middle East and the bankruptcy of the Obama/Clinton world view. The recent blather of a ‘no-fly zone’ over Syria means that the Americans think they can tell the Russians what to do. Perhaps they don’t know that Moscow does not take orders from Washington? Despite the continuous ham-fisted politics of the Obama administration, an embryonic peace deal was reached between Foreign Minister Lavrov and Secretary Kerry a few weeks ago.

Then surprise, surprise, American aircraft attacked parts of the Syrian forces that were not even involved in the fighting, which attack was followed directly by an attack of Islamic State forces. The Americans claimed it was all a mistake.

That was a lie. The US Air Force is not that incompetent. It was no mistake. The attack was engineered to undermine the agreement. The Russians were left with no alternative but to continue backing their ally.

Here would have been a chance for the Americans to get together with the Russians and cooperate in destroying Islamic State, which is a threat to all civilized nations. Instead, the Americans have launched into full-scale hysteria about Russia in an attempt to divert attention from their failed strategies in the Middle East. Clinton foreign policy in Libya resulted in the destruction of much of that country’s infrastructure, destruction of the state order by killing Qaddafi, and then simply walking away, leaving the Libyans to fall prey to every Islamic terrorist gang in the region. The doctrine of ‘regime change’, that is, overthrowing any government in any country to suit the desires of the Wall Street banks, has brought nothing but destruction and chaos to those nations subjected to it.  It was tried again in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood (which Obama supported), but luckily for the Egyptians, the army was able to save the day. Why would any country ever want the Americans to do anything to ‘help’?

Obama’s record is that he has supported all the worst elements of Islam in the Middle East. Assad can see what they did to Libya, so why has he any reason to listen to Washington?

As soon as the current regime in Washington starts jabbering about international law, you can be sure that they are about to violate what little there is left of it. No doubt the choices in the Middle East are between bad and awful, but the current neocon nonsense being spoken about Russia and Syria is making matters even worse.

Don’t forget that Russia fought a war against this type of nation-destroying terrorism in Chechnya, and won it. Without any help from outside. Actually, with hindrance from outside as the Americans were surreptitiously supporting the terrorists—just review some of the actions and words of the then Secretary of State, Madeleine Not-so-Bright. Grozny, pounded into rubble in the war, has since been completely rebuilt. I wonder if the Americans will do the same in Libya?

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