Trump for American Freedom

Win or lose, Trump has done a great service for America. He has exposed the naked oligarchy composed of the top echelons of both political parties, the lapdog media, particularly the dead-tree press, and a corrupted civil service where the Department of Justice has been bought and paid for by the Clinton Mafia, and the FBI cowed into excusing criminal wrongdoing. This oligarchy will stop at nothing to maintain its power.

The lapdog media, long a supporter of the Democratic Party, no longer shows any pretense of news coverage, but acts openly as a foghorn for the Democrats. The manufacture of lies and phoney stories (the Russians are interfering with our election!?) reaches fever pitch as the Clinton shills seek to bully every American voter. Julian Assange’s internet has been shut down by the US to try to stop the flood of emails exposing the crook Clinton. I wonder why the New York Slimes is not rooting for Assange as they did for Ellsberg? Inquiring minds want to know.

Universities in the US are turning from kindergartens for subnormal IQs into fully fledged psychiatric institutions with the patients in charge. Now, every dissenting opinion is “hate”, determined by your local commissar and/or university president to be any opinion not approved by the left.

America needs to dial down its international bully boy tactics by not seeking to overthrow every foreign government it doesn’t like. Talk to Russia and stop threatening war with Russia over their actions in Syria. Cooperate with them to fight Islamic terrorism.

Domestically, stop encouraging mob violence, Black Lives Matter and all the other leftist rabble, and realize that law and order comes before any rational redress of grievances.

Enforce the laws of the land. “Sanctuary cities”, those cities that will not enforce federal immigration laws, are acting in precisely the same way as states that refused to enforce federal laws prior to the Civil War. Undermining the rule of law, almost the Clinton Mafia family motto, is the beginning of the end of civil society.

Who will listen to the average American in the swathes of the country where industry has been annihilated? Or where their health care has disappeared? Or where their schools are factories of ignorance and chaos? Or where their representatives are not wholly owned subsidiaries of the Wall Street banks?

There are no guarantees, but Donald Trump offers, at least, a chance for the nation to start draining the swamp and to let some oxygen into the suffocating PC miasma of Washington politics and to shine some light on the dark empire of Clintonian super-crookdom.

Go, Donald!

Rebel Yell