Ganging up on Trump

I photographed a magazine rack yesterday.

The Economist’s cover said “The debasing of American politics” with Trump’s profile as the ass-end of an elephant. The Atlantic’s editorial said “Don’t vote for Trump”. Time magazine said “Total meltdown”, and the New Yorker’s lead was “last chance to train Trump”.

My software does not show the covers as I would like.


I am wondering whether the people of the United States will be more annoyed at being told how to vote by their betters than they will be at Trump for his many faults. At least Trump is capable of outrage at the current situation.

Readers of this blog will do themselves a favour by watching David Stockman on the Max Keiser report of October 6th.  Stockman appears at minute 14:00.

Stockman, who was Ronald Reagan’s budget director, thinks the US central bank has created a huge bubble by its interest rate policy. His comments on Warren Buffett are delicious. “A moderately good insurance fund manager”. Buffett has not increased the value of his share holdings 35 times over by the genius of his investing.  The class war is being won by a few members of the owning classes.

David Stockman’s book, Trumped, is available here. A money shuffling economy has replaced the producing economy. If the doomsters are right, we are in one big fat bubble.