Regimental Sergeant Major Trump addresses the regiment


That was by any standard an extraordinary speech from the President: direct, short, and clear.

The situation has been made intolerable. We are in dire straits. Your leadership has failed you. But patriotism will see us through. Patriotism will leave no room for whining, prejudice, or anything that divides us. Cohesion to the whole will leave no room for private piques and quarrels. There is only one team, and one objective. Make this regiment great again. We have been defeated in the past. We will no longer be defeated. We will prevail. We will win.


Whether you agree with Trump, or with this interpretation of Trump, you will be struck by how simple the message was. Every private citizen can understand it. Every guy in a bar, every woman loading the dishwasher, every kid above the age of seven: they have heard the message. Get aboard. Get with the message. This is one team, not twenty, only one team.

Abandon your separate little worlds and concerns: there is only one large concern. I summon you to your duty, Americans. This is what is expected. Was there anything I said that you did not understand? Good. Now get on with it. You have your orders.

I can see why the Left is in deep panic, because this guy means what he says, and what he says is that this place needs shaking up, and some discipline, and that the ideas of the Left: multiculturalism, diversity, racial specialness -are the expression of dissolution, decadence, and destruction of a coherent political order. Trump is not arguing this point. Trump assumes it, and he expects you to assume it.

I have always thought that “diversity” was a stalking horse for civilizational and cultural dissolution.  By “diversity”, they do not mean diversity of thought or belief. They mean iron adherence to something hostile to civilized order. A free and liberal society requires an adherence to common standards. The very idea of common standards has been under  serious attack from the Left and,  if I may say so, from the apostles of the 1%, who overlap with the Left on many issues.

Do you agree with this view? If so, you suddenly have found someone who shares your views running the US federal government. This is why the Left calls trump a fascist, which is their word for anyone not deceived by their claptrap, and not afraid to say so. The balls of Trump, to call out the policies of five prior Presidents sitting twenty feet from him! The effrontery, to condemn everything we have been doing for thirty-five years!

He may grow as tiresome as Thatcher became, but for the time being everyone has their orders. Carry on!


Commentary that I think hits the mark:

Peggy Noonan  is apprehensive

Rex Murphy is more hopeful for Trump.

The brevity of the speech had one unintended obscurity, or rather acted to obscure how momentous the Trump ascendancy threatens or promises to be. Just how much of a radical shift, a convulsion, that the moment of its occasion represented. Trump has virtually cleared the table of politics as it has been practiced and played for over a generation. He has bulldozed the old verities of political practice. He has shattered the codes of party politics, routed the tired mages of the political panels, the think tanks and NGOs. And he has utterly bypassed the hollow practices of virtue signalling and the insidious tribalism of identity politics. And as for the claustrophobic thought-amputations of political correctness, he has, correctly, shown nothing but scorn and dismissal. This is a wholesale reworking of the mode and understanding of modern American politics.


Piers Morgan wishes him well: Ten Minutes that Shook the World.