No Soros Here

The billboard says “billionaire’s men” and shows George Soros and Lajos Simicska – a former Minister of Revenue in the Hungarian government –  holding their respective puppets. I counted 33 of them in the ride out to Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc airport. There were as many on the way into town. They could be found in every town I saw in Hungary.

You will see occasionally news about the Hungarian government’s crackdown on Soros’ Central European University. More articles here and here.

You will read that Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, is a bad fellow. You will read that Orban is refusing to take in the quota of refugees that the EU has assigned for Hungary to take.

I can relate from recent travels that Hungary was one of the cleanest, safest, and most attractive places I have travelled to. I was informed by a German-speaker that many German pensioners are moving there to live out there days in peace, far from the crime tourism and Islamic hooliganism that makes so much of Germany dangerous. As someone recently pointed out, Eastern Europe is overwhelmingly white and wants to stay that way. Czechia was recently told it would have to pay something like 14,000 Euros for every refugee it refused to take. Having calculated the long and short term costs of Islamic refugees in their midst, the Czechs chose to pay the price.

I am increasingly of the view that everything the mainstream media are telling us about people like Orban, Trump, Farage, LePen, and thier like  is motivated by unreasoning hatred for anything not on the Soros agenda.

In any case, Hungary is a conservative Catholic society and wants to stay that way. Obviously this offends the rulers of this world.