Is global warming warming real?



Are we causing it?

Almost certainly human activity is likely to be causing some of it. We are pushing a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere and atmospheric CO2 is rising , but so what?

Do I care about it?

Not enough to turn my economy into a North Korea for a one degree centigrade increase in a century.

Read the evidence from a global warming believer. Read it carefully. Read it again. After you get through the arguments of the nature of “97% of Renaissance cardinals believe in Ptolemy”, there is a modicum of fact to be absorbed. Mainly that the global temperature – whatever that means – has been increasing at about one degree centigrade in the last century.  For my part I hope it continues.

Is there anything we can do?

I take the the position of Bjorn Lomborg: if we had one hundred problems, anthropogenic global warming would be number 100 on the list of things to worry about.

The part of the world I live in is too cold for too much of the year, and I suspect that most of the AGW fluff and botheration is futile policy being pushed by anti-capitalists and control freaks, and governments seeking fresh sources of taxation.

In the meantime: