CNN and the Profane Altar of Diversity


CNN, America’s prime Fake News Network, is no longer content with its reputation as a robotic arm of the Democrat Party peddling fabrication, smear and innuendo as news, and has continued its descent into the gutter.

Referring to President Trump as a “stain on the presidency” and other more degrading comparisons, “religious scholar” Reza Aslan, a far-left Muslim and CNN’s resident cannibal, perfectly exemplifies the real stain on America—the Media.

Rather than supporting the president’s tough stand against Islamic extremism and murder, the Media would rather provide succour and assistance to the criminals and murderers themselves. Others around the world, especially the current regimes in Germany and Sweden, would rather sell their children into slavery than stand up like real men or women. One wonders how many more will have to die at the profane altar of diversity and inclusion before common decency will rise up.

The Muslim mayor of London, in talking about the terror attacks, notably refused to mention the word itself—Islam. He is one of the establishment apparatchiks who recently called Trump “ignorant”. Now who’s ignorant Mr Khan? Everywhere there is anti-Semitism, wife-beating, honor killings and violent threats against free speech, there is Islam. Refusal to face up to this will only make the problem worse in the future. Our leaders are weak, beholden to PC mind control, and the globalist—banksters of New York and the EUSSR, of whom Mr Micron in France is only the latest example.

Because Trump speaks the truth about this is the reason he is so roundly hated by all the usual suspects. The current American Media—which makes the old Soviet Pravda look quite honest—is digging its own grave with its continual hate campaign. The upside to this is that the American public are informed every day of the biased, ignorant tirades that pass as news. And with the Internet gaining every day in reach and importance, the days of the jackals of the Fake News networks and papers are over.


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