Trump—King of Trolls

I almost fell off my seat laughing at the latest Trump tweet—wherein he uses an old joke video from the wonderful world of wrestling—ridiculing the premier Fake News Network, CNN. Oh, how the puerile journos shrieked!

Only a gaggle of arrogant, semi-literate know-nothings would get upset about “incitement to violence” in a Bugs Bunny/Wile E. Coyote style joke. It’s another chapter in “The Joy of Trump—How I Destroyed the Media”.

For months past, the political left, mired in spite and envy, have been calling for violence against all and sundry who support the President. Far-left Antifa thugs, anti-White Black Lives Matter racists, mindless adolescents posing as students on college campuses busily beating up Trump supporters and shutting down conservative speakers are the real, everyday examples of actual violence, not Trumpian tweets. Then we have a bastard version of Julius Caesar (which the NYT “stands by”) in which the atavistic blood lust of the left portrays a Caesar resembling The Donald being murdered. That was described by Fareed Zakaria, CNN’s leading Trump-hater and half-wit, as “…a masterpiece”. It was probably the first time that Zak had heard of Shakespeare. He probably had to ask who Caesar was.

Then, no surprise here, a deranged left-wing supporter of Bernie Sanders shoots a Republican Congressman and is fortunately shot before he has the chance to murder more.

All this incitement to violence has been fomented by the Media, the bootlickers of the Democrat Party, and their deranged supporters in Congress like Maxine Waters.

After the shooting, one of the execrable MSNBC “pundits” averred that the Republicans “had brought it on themselves”. No-one can lie quite so brazenly as the rabble on MSNBC.

So, after months of violent rhetoric, and actual violence on the streets, from the left and their media toadies, we see murderous violence from the left. And squeals from the media about being ridiculed by The Donald likening them to the fake world of wrestling.

Trump is being very fair with the media. They hate him because he shoots back; he will not let their bias, lies and smears determine “the narrative”. He will not respect them. He will not suffer their continuous lying. For these reasons alone, Trump deserves the Medal of Freedom.
The remarkable thing is that it requires so little effort on his part. A tweet here, a tweet there, and the out-patients of the press are frothing at the mouth and tearing their collective hair out. Their knickers have long since been twisted beyond recognition, or comfort.

One of the criticisms of Trump was that the tweet “was beneath the dignity of the presidency”…Really? Some years ago, B Hussein Obama entertained the deserter Bergdahl on the White House lawn. Here was someone who betrayed his comrades being feted by the US President while he was spitting in the eyes of American servicemen everywhere. That was beneath the dignity of any ordinary American, but not, apparently, Obama.  I didn’t see the media hypocrites decrying that!

Trump is basically doing the work of the entire Republican Party. He deserves more help from Congress. The RINOs should wake up. Time is on their side.

Meanwhile, The Donald continues with the most important task in the first part of his administration—exposing the media lie machine and treating them with the contempt they deserve, no more, no less.

Rebel Yell