Peter Thiel

I could try to be as clever but I think that anything I want to say about the state of the world has been said better by Peter Thiel in this interview in March of 2017.

And speaking of a world where stagnation is expected, end even desired, Thiel argues that Obama’s regime was fundamentally into transferring wealth into the very rich, while seeming to care about the poor. This guy is deeper and smarter than I am, and I am okay with that. Listen to his critique of Obama from the point of view of the original Marxists. He describes Obama’s philosophy as “pessimistic epicurianism”: that is a whole new level of insight and insult. He fears the return of the Malthusian calculus: because of stalling technological progress, population may grow to the limits of starvation, a starvation fed by corn syrup. He insults Obama by saying he does not even live up to the scientific optimism of Karl Marx.