Thiel, Buckley, and Piereson

In the video attached, there are three people who I think you should be paying attention to: Peter Thiel, discussed in my earlier post, Frank Buckley, the Canadian law professor who has become an American citizen, and who explains why Canada is doing so much better than the United States, and William Piereson, of the Manhattan Institute. He is the first American I have heard who is talking about regime wars, that is, purely political wars about the nature and character of the state itself. This kind of struggle is what I see happening in the United States, although it is still peaceful and has not yet degenerated into violence. Piereson is speaking of a division of the States into two nations, and he asks – though he cannot yet answer –  whether it will result in regime change. Thiel sees the basis of the difficulty in the lack of economic growth in things other than computers, which he calls “stuff”. Buckley says the spectre of class struggle has been hovering over American politics, for which Trump was in part an answer. Buckley asserts that social class has been the core of the electoral struggle in 2016. Piereson sees Trump as attempting to restore the United States to a traditional nation state, with defended borders. What is it that drives the opposition crazy when he tries to do this, he asks?

Kristol comes across as a snob. Thiel says the shocking thing is how bad the personnel of the US government are and how unaware they are of how bad they are. In response to Kristol’s disdain for Trump, Piereson says that every one of Obama, Hillary and Saunders were guilty of demagoguery; it is just an epithet for appealing to voters with arguments you do not like.

Both Buckley and Thiel insist that economic liberty must be restored in the United States from its current ranking of 17th in the world.

Finally, and I think this is the clincher, Thiel says that there is no less reason to be afraid of communism now than there was in the Soviet era. The threat of communism is greater, not less, now that the Soviet Union has collapsed. Just look at world politics.