Slicing & dicing the latest “most trusted media brand” poll

Missouri School of Journalism released the following survey results for the news brands people trust.

Mentioned as trusted:

  1. The Economist
  2. Public television
  3. Reuters
  4. BBC
  5. NPR
  6. PBS
  7. The Guardian
  8. The Wall Street Journal
  9. Los Angeles Times
  10. The Dallas Morning News

Mentioned as not trusted:

  1. Occupy Democrats
  2. BuzzFeed
  3. Breitbart
  4. Social media
  5. Trump
  6. Infowars
  7. Yahoo
  8. Internet
  9. Huffington Post
  10. The Blaze

Let us look at the above results in another way with the help of a Gallup poll.

In the first survey, the top seven most trusted brands are left of center. If one looks at the Gallup survey it is obvious that Democrats are much more likely to trust the media and given the echo chamber that they live in, they are far more likely to gravitate toward center-left publications to get their news. Is it any surprise that the publication that is on top, The Economist, is one of the most condescending publication which is consistent with the general attitude of center-left?

The Missouri survey should be more aptly titled, “Where do smug leftist get their news?” While we are on the topic of trustworthy media, consider this from the Saturday Guardian.

The co-founder of the Women’s Equality party, Catherine Mayer, is suing her former employer, Time magazine, for gender and age discrimination, making the weekly favoured by President Donald Trump the latest major media company to be embroiled in accusations of institutional sexism.

Yes, you read that right. Time magazine, a vociferous anti-Trump magazine, is favoured by Trump. Perhaps from the leftist perspective that the Guardian occupies, Time could be considered pro-Trump.