Harvey, we always knew ya


Harvey Weinstein’s fall from power has shown:

  1. everyone knew about his behaviour for years;
  2. no one could do anything about it without immense moral courage, and indeed so great was Weinstein’s power over careers that it would have been fatal to denounce him;
  3. Hollywood does not cherish moral courage unless it is to attack white racism, the Catholic Church, Nazis or other left-wing bugaboos where the struggle has already been won;
  4. the downfall is happening now because the political cover provided by the Clintonescus is gone (does anyone imagine that this would be happening if Hillary were President?);
  5. the industry that makes money mocking Christianity, hating Catholicism, and degrading morality and ordinary American beliefs, now loses its moral cover.

Of the things most to be hoped for, it is the destruction of the influence of these savagely immoral nihilists in Hollywood. Another pillar of the American Democratic Party is collapsing. Wall Street took a hit in 2007, but still stands, as rich and as disgraced as ever. I can only hope that Black Lives Matter and Anti-Fa are next, and that their dooms will be final.

It is an agreeable event when all one’s prejudices about a corrupt institution are confirmed.

Trump may be a raving loon – I still think not -but there are many and considerable benefits to his having taken power.  Do you think it is merely accidental that Weinstein is being exposed now, when the Democrats are out of power in Washington? And there will soon be no Vanity Fair soon to applaud the ogre, as the mouthpiece of fashionable Democratic show-biz political twaddle will soon go through a massive downsizing, the prospect of which caused its editor, Graydon Carter, to resign before he had to chop his friends from jobs.

Vanity Fair reports:

Outside of Hollywood, Weinstein built a reputation as a strong Democratic supporter, donating at least $1.4 million to candidates, parties, and political action committees over the years, per Variety.

I read with interest Graydon Carter’s recounting of his various encounters with Trump.

Carter’s conclusion was written in October 2016

[Trump] has touched—embraced!—every third rail in American politics. He has offended (and I apologize if I’ve left some group out): African-Americans, Native Americans, Mexicans, Jews, Muslims, war heroes—war heroes!—families of war heroes, the disabled, women, and babies. Babies! Through word or action, Trump has promoted gun violence, bigotry, ignorance, intolerance, lying, and just about everything else that can be wrong with a society. And yet he marches on, playing to a constituency that just doesn’t seem to care. The thing is, this ramshackle campaign, following a ramshackle business career, has exposed his flaws and failures to the world and, more importantly, to the people he will brush up against for the rest of his life. To them he is now officially a joke. I suspect he knows this. And if his thin skin on minor matters is any indication, he will be lashing out with even more vitriol. He is a mad jumble of a man, with a slapdash of a campaign and talking points dredged from the dark corners at the bottom of the Internet. I don’t think he will get to the White House, but just the fact that his carny act has gotten so far along the road will leave the path with a permanent orange stain. Trump, more than even the most craven politicians or entertainers, is a bottomless reservoir of need and desire for attention. He lives off crowd approval. And at a certain point that will dim, as it always does to people like him, and the cameras will turn to some other American novelty. When that attention wanes, he will be left with his press clippings, his dyed hair, his fake tan, and those tiny, tiny fingers.


It gives me a measure of satisfaction to observe that Harvey Weinstein is now disgraced, Graydon carter is out, and Trump is still President. I grant you, my standards are low, but they have to be in this disgusting era.