Academic rot


We are producing graduates who have very little idea of the diversity of opinion in the real world.

Peanut allergies are rising because we are not exposing kids to peanuts. The same is occurring with conservative opinions.

You need to experience exclusion and intolerance in order to grow up.

Kids today are never out of sight of adult supervision.

“Bias response teams” are always available to be called in to mediate conflict. “Bubble-wrapped kids”.

What do universities do to promote interaction of different political viewpoints? Nothing. They are suffocating it.

Slurs replace argument. Kids learn to slur, not argue.

The key to the new morality is a method of looking at society as a matter of power and privilege. That is the only perspective they learn. Privilege is bad, victimhood is good. One totalizing perspective. we are actually making students less wise.

Does the Left not  know that what they are doing is causing the election of Trump? [That’s Jonathan Haidt asking, not me]