Thought for the day

Lifted from the invaluable Takimag:

Probably the best thing about the current nuclear wave of Tranny Mania is that, if left unimpeded, it will destroy women’s sports,    firmly establish that gender is real and that men and women have different mean levels of athletic ability, anger lesbian feminists to the point where they engage in brutal and prolonged bloody street battles to establish dominance over male-to-female trannies, and herald in a new era where everyone returns to traditional gender roles, men stop being such pussies, and women wear chaste and modest Amish clothing while they resume baking pies.


My only objection is to the use of the word “gender” in any context other than linguistic and grammatical. The word is sex. I belong to the male sex. There are only two of them. To use the word “gender” is to accept the left wing idea that sex is a social construction. I refuse absolutely. Clear?