A deeply unserious government

A think tank buried in the Privy Council Office called Policy Horizons Canada has suggested that Santa is moving to the south pole.

Please note the globalist fantasies: “international community” agrees to a “common legal definition of climate change” that “includes refugees as corporations” leading to the deployment of a “global climate change refugee visa system”. In the meantime the real world is beset with problems, many of them created or exacerbated by the type of policies favoured by the wankers in Policy Horizons Canada.


We now turn our attention to the world we live in, which has escaped poverty since 1800 by means of burning fossil fuels.

  • Canadian oil is selling for less on the international market because lack of pipelines keep the supply bottled up in Canada

Says the Globe and Mail:

Western Canadian oil companies have seen the price of their crude drop as a result of the lack of pipeline outlets from landlocked U.S. markets, coupled with growing U.S. production and unplanned refinery shutdowns.

“In a decision cheered by environmentalists but considered a setback by the oil industry, Canada’s national energy regulator says it will allow wider discussion of greenhouse gas emission issues in upcoming hearings for the Energy East Pipeline. The National Energy Board said [on August 23] it will for the first time consider the public interest impact of upstream and downstream GHG emissions from potential increased production and consumption of oil resulting from the project.”

As you see and as the Canadian government itself proclaims, the attacks on the oil industry are predicated on global warming hysteria, and the fatuous idea that CO2 alone is responsible for such little global warming as we are experiencing, and that humans alone are responsible for rises in the minuscule concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere (now at 400 parts per million).

Meantime, freely available to anyone who can peruse a science/climate blog, other ideas about climate variation are available, and off limits within the Trudeau policy bubble. This one is about the role of cosmic rays in cloud formation. Climate variation under natural conditions is enormous.

My point is this: what should be a debate, and the occasion for very cautious measures in the face of huge ignorance, is reduced to a religious dogma that the petroleum industry needs to be destroyed to save us all from global warming, as in destroying the village in order to save it.

In the meantime, there is good news from Trumpheim. Scores of officials are resigning from the Environmental Protection Agency. 700 hundred have left, which is only one quarter of the reductions that the Trump Administration is imposing on the EPA.

The tax cuts the Congress has approved will make the American economy much more competitive. Anti-carbon energy regulations are being dismantled.

The progress in eliminating the baneful legacy of Obama will take another couple of years, but already is so marked that never-Trumpers are starting to come around. The National Review, of all places, is beginning its long-overdue repentance, noting not merely his economic successes in increasing investment and reducing regulation, but in standing up for the right values, such as his speech in Warsaw defending the idea of political liberty.

While there are many months of events yet between now and the next US Presidential election, I am beginning to think that Trump will win it again. To express myself more clearly, I observe that there are now plausible reasons and not mere instinct that he will win a second term.

Back to Policy Horizons inside the PCO, here is the staff.  In a Trump or a Harper government, they would face a shake-up of ideas and personnel, not for their winsome contribution to Santology, but for not thinking hard enough about our future, where global warming continues until it doesn’t. In the meantime, I wish all the naifs and drones of Policy Horizons Canada a…