Why I do not blog much about the Liberals



The Liberals are a body of people who believe themselves to be our natural governors. This belief is predicated on nothing more than a deep belief in their superiority. We are Liberals, therefore we are superior. Because we are superior, we need no more claim to power than our superiority. Today we might be collectivists; tomorrow we could be free-marketers. It is of no consequence. We are superior and people who oppose us are our moral inferiors. It is irrelevant whether we are Sikhs, or Christians, or Muslims or Jews. We do not take our religions seriously anyway, for the most part. We are Liberals; we are superior. That is all you need know, or ever know.

Hence they can act with reckless disregard for common sense,  religious convictions, and economic prosperity. Winning elections is what we do, and that is who we are. Pure power. They have not yet reached the stage of Orwell’s explanation of the Inner Party in 1984; they still proclaim their devotion to the common good.But their claim to rule is not based on delivering the goods, bettering the condition of man: quite the contrary. Their claim to power  their own minds is that, as morally superior people, they have the right to rule, and only error in the electorate can cause them to be temporarily excluded from power.

Thus, in Canada at this time, we see that

We see disastrous anti-growth policies in relation to carbon taxes, failure to support energy pipelines, and empty pledges to reduce CO2 emissions.

I will not spare a paragraph on their Liberal counterparts in Ontario. They represent what the federal Liberals will look like after ten years in power.

Consequently, when the Liberals take over the government of Canada, there will always be a brief period of sunshine as prosperity is faked through excessive spending, but never on the military, the civil services smiles as government activity expands, our national symbols are degraded, the Indians sucked up to, and a wave of social concern and compassion is announced for every soi-disant downtrodden group. The sunshine does not last because it cannot last. Yet the country is rich enough, and its people productive enough, that it can take nearly a decade for the damage to become visible.

The Liberals cannot help themselves. They are the children that Jordan Peterson talks about, the little two-year old God Emperors who were catered to at every moment in their lives arrive at adulthood without having encountered restraint, discipline, or convictions. They mouth the right attitudes. If they are ruthless and amoral enough, they Party finds them, and they find the Party.

They know best. They are Liberals. They cannot learn. They cannot learn because they have nothing to learn.  They can only act the way they act. In a properly constituted world, some of them might face firing squads. But we do not live in such a world. They will continue to govern us, badly, until such time as the population vomits them out of power. Until that time the rest of us not so privileged can only witness and observe the preening, the self-congratulation, and the ruinous policies.