Subversion—Democrat Style



Ion Pacepa was the former boss of the Foreign Intelligence Service in the Securitate, the feared, and highly efficient, secret police in the Ceausescu regime in Romania before the fall of communism. He defected to the US in 1978. He knows a few things about subversion.

In an interesting snippet on PJMedia, Pacepa notes that the tasks of the Securitate included the vilification of any and all who could oppose the ‘Conducator’ in word or deed. The intelligence agencies could fabricate criminal intent in anyone.

Forty years ago, I paid with two death sentences from my native Romania. I had publicly revealed that Ceausescu’s highly praised independence from Moscow was in fact an undercover intelligence dictatorship, designed to transform Romania into a monument to him by annihilating his critics and enemies. “I’ll give you a name, and you’ll build a criminal record for him,” Ceausescu used to tell the head of the Securitate — his Marxist version of the FBI. For him, lying was the first step toward stealing and killing.

Pacepa thought he had escaped state subversion against its own people but was shocked to find that the use of corrupted intelligence services to vilify politicians in the West, and in America, was being resurrected. When noting the oily rhetoric of Obama and the suppression of his past (all in line with communist tactics) he writes…

In 2008, however, I suddenly had the feeling of watching Ceausescu’s ghost haunting my adoptive country.
“We are the ones the world is waiting for,” proclaimed Barack Obama during his campaign, while his spiritual adviser Jeremiah Wright was caught on video screaming “God damn America.” The Democratic Party put the icing on the cake, proclaiming Obama an American Messiah. The senator agreed. On June 8, 2008, during a speech in New Hampshire, Obama stated that his presidency would be “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet to heal.” Earlier, an indiscreet video showed a picture of communist idol Che Guevara hanging on a wall behind Obama.
Our media and our political sages regarded Obama’s outrageous rhetoric as just millennial generational talk. For me, it was thinly veiled Ceausescu talk. My former boss’s version usually was: “A man like me is born only once every five hundred years.” Ceausescu also kept a picture of Che in his office.

No wonder Obama was enthusiastically endorsed by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). In a column entitled “Big Political Shifts Are Underway,” Joelle Fishman, the chairman of the CPUSA Political Action Committee, emphasized that the CPUSA was now part of Obama’s coalition. Nor is it any wonder that when Obama became president, the first open member of a Communist Party was working at the White House. Van Jones (now a CNN contributor) had belonged to an organization named “Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM).”

Is it any wonder that the so-called Russia probe is uncovering more and more nefarious deeds of the agencies corrupted by Obama? Pacepa knows whereof he speaks.


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